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New housing storage: how it will work

So they did an eso live to preview the update 17 changes (live in February, pts on Monday). For those who don’t want to go track down that video, here’s how the new storage will work:

- you will store items in several furnishing containers that you place in your home(s). They are categorized as collectibles.

- there are eight possible containers, 4 large (60 slots each) and 4 small (30 slots). If you place all eight, that’s 360 new slots. These are additional inventory other words, items in a container don’t take up bank or character space.

- you obtain the eight containers via the master writs vendor or tel var vendors. Or you can buy for crowns.

- a container takes up ONE furnishing space. If I put a container with 60 armor pieces in my home, that’s just one furnishing slot.

- the containers are account-wide and universal. In other words, I throw my Maelstrom gear into a chest. That chest can be placed in multiple homes, and at each location it will have the same items in it. My various characters can all access that chest. You do NOT get add’l slots by putting the same chest in multiple homes.

- nobody can access containers in your home but you. Other players cannot take items out, nor can they put items in.

- the containers have unique names you can customize. So you can name your chest “Maelstrom gear” or “alchemy mats” - @ZOS_GinaBruno , please shoot an email over to the housing storage lead and thank them for this feature, because that’s a little QoL feature that is AWESOME)

- items in containers don’t show up in your bank or at craft stations. Thus, my Maelstrom gear won’t show up as avaiablemfor decon or improvement.

The good

- more slots! Lol, this reminds me when I was a kid and on Beevis and Butthead they went to Vegas because someone told them there were “so many slots,” but they heard it as there being so many ***. Lord that show was stupid.

- the ability to unlock the space with in-game currencies.

The bad

- I know people are going to jump in and gripe, but I’ll head that off by saying there is objectively absolutely nothing bad about being offered more space, and frankly this took up design time from people who could have been creating more content just so the community would shut the heck up with the nonstop demand for housing storage; so I will read all of the responses that say “I deserve 3,000 new slots and I pay blah blah blah into this game and it’s 2018 and we deserve blah blah blah and this is an affront to free peoples everywhere,” but I will also be reading your posts in a melodramatic French accent imagining you as a Tamriel citizen sitting in a cafe smoking a cigarette in a black and white existential art film from the 1960’s, and I will be laughing at said melodrama, so fair warning. Lol.
  • monktoasty
    Not bad except how you ge5 the chests
  • SGT_Wolfe101st
    Great job in breaking down the new storage. I just want to know what the WV cost will be? I just hope it's reasonable, not transmutation table price range.
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  • MornaBaine
    Curious to see how this is going to work. PTS needs to hurry up and finish updating! LOL
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