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Request for adjustment


I recently purchased my first homestead. I chose a furnished option, understanding that i was limited to furnishings otherwise based on what was available in the crown store and having limited recipes learned for crafting items. However, now that I’ve purchased the house I see that the house has its own separate crown store for furnishings. Please understand I did extensive research on the homesteads before making my purchase and nowhere did I read that I would have a huge amount of furnishings available to me for crowns. Had I know this I would have purchased the unfinished and used the crowns to purchase exactly what furniture I would want.

Is there any way to have my homestead purchase adjusted, thus removing all of the furniture it came with and restoring that amount of crowns so that I may then purchase whatever is available in the homestead store? I understand generally ESO support is unable to offer refunds, however this is not a refund, but an adjustment. I honestly I was okay with the random furniture knowing that it was that or nothing, but now knowing now that I actually have access to hundreds of items after purchasing the home it would be nice if we could do this. I will certainly end up spending the same amount of crowns, if not more and will truly be able to enjoy the new home in the game.

Thank you kindly and happy new year.
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