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ESO Adjust Screen option - Not saving after modifying - PS4


ZOS support told me they have exhausted their troubleshooting steps, so I will come here for assistance.

The short summary is that I cannot get ESO to recognize the real size of my TV. Each and every time I try to change the setting, it "snaps back" to the previous value. I'll list what I have tried below. The online searches I have done have only yielded suggestions that I have already tried.

I have a 55" Samsung 3D TV.

1. Deleting all saved data on my PS4 for ESO
2. Deleting all saved data on my PS4 for all other apps and games
3. Ejecting my disc and inserting it again
4. Going into my Settings menus and hitting square to revert to the defaults in each one
5. Changing my PS4 from Automatic to 1080p resolution
6. Verifying my PS4 setting is at the dimensions of my TV
7. Setting my TV to "Screen Fit."
8. Setting my TV to 16:9 then back to Screen Fit
9. Verifying I have not activated any cloud saves for ESO or other games
10. Deleted my profile/user from a different PS4 that is not my primary console
11. Deleted all other users from my primary PS4
12. Renamed the HDMI port (3) I am using to "Game."
13. Verified I have no characters on the EU server

I did restart my PS4 after many of these attempts, so it doesn't seem to be as simple as that.

One thing I did notice is that deleting my local save data did not seem to put my settings to their default values. For example, Hide Helmet was still set to "Yes" after deleting my local save data. Should that be happening? Does that mean I have a user saved on a different PS4 that I forgot about?

I know I played on a smaller TV before, but that is the PS4 I deleted my user from.

Any suggestions for what I can try are most appreciated. I am hoping a game uninstall and then reinstall is not going to be required.

  • RouDeR
    Try on diferent hdmi slot , almost every TV is using slot 1 for Console link and slot 2 for PC .
  • CromulentForumID
    Thanks for the post RouDeR. I'll try the port swap again - I did some additional playing around after the initial post, but I am sure I missed some things because I was pretty mad by the end of it.

    I am leaning more toward this being something in the game. I did an uninstall and reinstall, and restored my PS4 to its default settings out of safe mode. I also went to a friend's house and added my ID to their console. It was a different TV size. Even on that new machine and screen, the game refused to display at the full TV size.

    On my friend's ID the same thing happened. The screen would not fill up to the TV size. If I tried to adjust the screen size in the game, only the UI/menus would adjust. You could actually see the rest of the screen outside of the menu boundaries when looking at inventory or checking out a bank.

    I also set all of my options to the default for the game and then deleted local data. When I logged back in, the options were still at the default values, so it does not appear I have some saved settings out there I forgot about.

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