Azogs DarkForces are recruiting all alliance's

We are a new ps4 EU social and progressive guild look to conquer endgame pve and destroy our enemies in pvp.
Any one can join even if not endgame ready as long as you are willing to learn.
As this is a social guild 17+ is the age limit as some topics of conversation would not be suitable for younger players.
The guilds focus is to have fun and to clear vet trials and pvp as a guild and progress to hm in said trials. The guild will hold weekly events as we get bigger to keep players invested in the guild. We have 9 triat crafters master enchanter and master alchemist If your looking for a guild that wants to have a laugh and get those trial skins this is the place for you.
If interested send me a msg on psn at lordpaul85 or leave your psn below
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