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Is Litany of Blood just an achievement?

I finihed Lesson in silence and completed 2 contracts. The dark elf woman appeared and told me about the litany of blood book and gave me one and the quest was completed. But there is no quest for killing the targets. Is this normal for everyone?

Best Answer

  • hyuntaenoh1
    Also, there are some npcs that I cannot find. I waited in their route for more than 30 mins, but no luck.
  • Lyndwurm
    Soul Shriven
    The only thing about the Litany of Blood Achievement that I don't like is the phrase "You will know them by their eyes" I don't care if you have a 4k TV, this is the most difficult item to look for on an NPC. What stops the NPCs from just putting in a color corrective Contact Lens to screw with me while trying to complete the Achievement? (i jest of course)
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