magplar dps

what's the ideal dps figures for a pvp magplar.
I'm getting around 17k solo on the dummy at the min.
I play mainly solo in imperial city and I'm using
5 brass (light)
5 warmaiden(dw and jewllery)
2 skoria
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  • Vapirko
    If you’re a dps role then brass isn’t worth it. War maiden also only buffs magic damage and some Templar and destro skills are fire damage. You’ll probably want to run Julianos and moondancer in some format or Julianos and infallible aether. Lighting staff in the backbar or your wall of elements bar and inferno on the front. This, along with the proper rotation should put you easily over 20k dps pretty much right away. You have shields so brass really isn’t necessary. CP allotment is going to matter as well, of course.
  • Roaldy
    Spinners is by far one of the best sets for magplar DW/jewellery. Then you can run any other set you want shackle, seduced, duorks, are all really strong sets to run with spinners.
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