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Rate this niche ice magnb build

Hi guys
I've had a master ice staff in my bank for a while so I thought I'd theory craft a pvp aoe/root build around it with the potential for burst.

Still need to farm 1 more winterborn piece but let me know how this set up would go and if you've had experience with an ice build before.

Race: High Elf
Mundus: Mage (or atronarch if mag recovery is an issue)
Set 1: winterborn 5 piece
Set 2: 3 willpower jewellery (mag recovery)
Set 3: Valkyn
Destro: Master Ice staff
Resto: random resto staff

Skill bar 1: destructive reach (spammable), dampen magicka, Merciless, elemental drain, ice blockade, soul tether ultimate

Skill bar 2: shadow image, healing ward, entropy, mass hysteria, double take, resto ultimate

Basically rotation will be open with entropy, pop buffs, put elemental blockade and spam the crap out of destructive reach to keep people immobilised and distant. With all the cold damage and dots I should be able to constantly proc winterborn and Valkyn. Spectral bow can act as an execute and soul tether will compliment my aoe burst.

I was thinking of slotting swallow soul but tbh I find that with a master ice staff the damage won't be far off.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? As I said this is a niche build and I've seen some people pull off mag Nb with ice staves well so yeah give me suggestions!
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