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Unable to connect to game server.

Soul Shriven
Hello All,

Lately I changed my ISP to new one and I started facing problems with ESO. Now I understand that maybe the problem is on my ISP side, but nevertheless it is hard to verify because I don't face any other problems with other online games(For Honor, Destiny 2, GTA online). The problem is strictly related with ESO.

I checked the forums and it seems that some people faced that issue in the past but could not find any solution, or those solution that were introduced do not resolve the problem for me.

The problems appears only during loading maps,changing zones, sometimes during load character screen. There is like 50% chance the map won't load and it throw me off to main menu with message that" unable to connect to game server, please check your internet connection".

Action I already performed:

1. Assign static IP to ps4 console
2. Port forwarding based on ESO requirement on my router. Step 1 is required to do that.
3. Set console to DMZ
4. I am constantly connected to console via cable but tried also Wifi, no results

I don't think the problem is with NAT. Based on console checking NAT is fine, I have NAT 2 which is sufficient. I also checked ESO by using WiFi hotspot from my cellphone and ESO is running fine, no issues although I have NAT 3 there. Of course I don't want to use transfer from cellphone at is not fast enough for normal game play. Nevertheless the Hotspot internet from cellphone does not cause any problems taking in consideration that I have way worst NAT configuration provided by cellphone provided (ports are blocked)

I can assume that something is wrong between my new ISP and ESO but what can I do more here to check. Hard for me to call ISP and tell them that every other online game expect ESO is running fine. I assume they will send me back to game owner.
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