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[PC-EU] Unrelenting Force - HighEnd - Friendly - Veteran Trial Guild is recruiting - vAS hm approved

Soul Shriven

About Us:

Unrelenting Force was created by bunch of friends, who are enjoying playing and improving together. We keep our guild as a high-end progression guild with focus on completing the hardest content in the game and having fun whilst doing so.

So far we have completed vAS hardmode, vHoF hardmode and all the Craglorn trials in hm and speed run status, most of us have also completed vMoL hm.

We can offer you tons of fun, end game progression and a friendly community.

Our current raid schedule can be found on our website here.

What we expect:
  • Veteran trial experience, awareness of mechanics and passion for continuous progression, in both your individual play and in raids.
  • Best in slot gear (or multiple if you are support/tank)
  • Use of team speak (with working microphone: you don't need force yourself to talk, nevertheless some things must be called out and we expect you to do it)
  • Being able to communicate effectively in English (it's important for you to follow our given mechanics as well as us being able to understand what you have to say)
  • Max or close to max champion level

Our Requirements:
Starting with Tank and Healer applicants we gonna invite them to trial of our choosing and check the following:
  • Survivability and positioning
  • Buff/debufs uptime
  • Effective communication and call- outs

For our DPS applicants there's minimum expected DPS on the 3 million dummy of:

Magicka Sorcerer minimum 39k dps (with elemental drain provided),
Magicka Nightblade minimum 39k dps (with elemental drain provided),
Magicka Templar minimum 37k dps (with elemental drain provided),

Stamina Sorcerer minimum 40k dps (major fracture provided),
Stamina Nightblade minimum 40k dps,
Stamina Dragonknights minimum 40k dps,
Stamina Templar minimum 38k (major fracture provided)

With current setup of our group/guild runs sadly we don't have space for Magicka Dragonknights or Magicka/ Stamina Wardens

If that post brought your attention please contact us through our site:
Or you can send us email in game:


Please feel free to also whisper us with any questions, we are more than happy to answer or help out!
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