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Houses Suggestion

Lighthouse Some of us love lighthouses. Great view, couple of levels.

Thieves Den This might require some additions to furnishings. This would be a cave or old ruin where we have our hideout and store our "loot" (furnishings of open chests spilling gold, paintings, gem-encrusted vases, bolts of silk, silver dishware, etc.

Assassin's Nest A river-town shack? Furnishing choices could include trophy skulls mounted on plaques - from human to Bosmer and everything else, too. A "Blade wall" where a selection of knives are displayed like a gun wall.
  • Asha_11_ESO
    A Lighthouse home would be awesome!

    I'd love an Ashlander camp as housing - with several yurts, carts and pack animals, somewhere remote. And appropriate Ashlander furnishings.
    Edited by Asha_11_ESO on December 26, 2017 4:32PM
    Ashanu Iru'Anai | Dunmer Templar (EP) Nomadic Ashlander
    Valanara Adal'anir | Altmer Sorcerer (AD) Master Crafter
    Valar'ya Viszcari | Dunmer Dragon Knight (EP) Kick-Ass Adventurer and Blacksmith
    Sylvari Iru'Anai | Bosmer Knightblade (EP) Werewolf, Thief, Rebel, and Outcast
    Chretien de Troye | Breton Templar (DC) Chef de Cuisine, Bard, and Healer
    Ras'Tafari | Khajiit Knightblade (AD) Laid-back Mis-Adventurer, Cool-Cat, and Part-Time Thief
    Wind-In-The-Willows | Argonian Templar (AD) Has lost Hist Way
    Viszcenti de Vedici | Dunmer Sorcerer (EP) Vampire with a taste for the finer things in life
    Vilaryu V'driszyu | Dunmer Nightblade (AD)
    Amaltheia Althaia | Altmer Templar (AD)
    Sabah Al'khir | Redguard Warden (DC)
  • Nerouyn
    Since crown store homes are only for the whales, perhaps a big freaking pond.
  • Minyassa
    Also, a ship.
  • Mielikki
    An empty forest site of grove to create camps around a bonfire, caravans or whatever comes to imagination.
  • Krainor1974
    Minyassa wrote: »
    Also, a ship.

    We been asking for since start, I would love a ship in Anvil. Maybe a ship in each major port of game.
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