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Housing furniture advice request

I am wanting to make an Eye of Sauron for my Ebonhart Chateau, but I am undecided how. Any advice? Pics would be welcome also.
  • notimetocare
    No advice, but good luck and share pics
    Also, try housing thread
  • NetViperX
    Perhaps you could get the morrowind scale model and turn it on its side so you have a large dark colored disc, then embed a bunch of flaming torches or braziers into it for the flaming look. Leave a strip in the center blank to represent the pupil of the eye.
  • Thogard
    I want to be able to use argonians as furniture. Not skins / taxidermy but live ones. Kinda like pets but I want to be able to position them in chairs or tables.

    Why doesn’t ZOS allow this?
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  • nordmarian

    I would like resource nodes and stockpiles of them in different forms to put in our houses, that can be harvested once a week or be simple visual assets. Such resource nodes should include all variations from low to high level woodworking, blacksmith or clothing materials, alchemy ingredients, enchanting runestones or even provision ingredients.

    You can do it!
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