Housing 2018, what NEEDS to be adressed.

Firstly, item slots are one of the primary concerns that needs to be addressed. This month we had the same news on eso live and that was said and that is that "we are still looking into it." Will we likely receive item slots at all 2018? Zos keeps adding more furniture and more houses but no slots in small increments as compensation. with housing slot thread getting tremendous support for more slots id like atleast a eta on an increase.

Item collision for duel arenas. A player can spend hours working on a arena for housing and then only to discover that their floating arenas are a death trap as cc's can send a player to their death flying to the ground.

qol updates such as guild bank access in home, wayshrines, writ boards, stable master npc. Simple additions id love to spend money on.

Adjustment of material used, dwemer items are way to expensive to make and as a result no one sells them in the market as they are unprofitable and the plans are rare to learn them yourself.

more builder type items:

We are for example TIRED of using planks for player housing flooring. it looks plain and ugly


I used size comparison of the biggest planks available to the few existing flooring in the game. Many people have to resort to using those horribly ugly looking planks when there is much better textured flooring out there but the problem is the area that the flooring actually covers pales into comparison to wide planks...

Letter A is Daedric platform ashen, it is the second biggest and one of the best looking flooring in the game, but one of the things that kills it is its trim and its lack of wise space kills it

Letter B Is a Orcish platform block and it is arguably the best wooden floor texture in the game but it really fills to little amount of space and it cannot be used reliably as flooring. Plus the bottom side of it kills it as well with no bottom textured

Letter C Is hlaalu sidewalk sillar stone and it is only available from ald velothi harbor and is only tradable if you bought the house for gold so you can expect to pay atleast 30k per furnishing and such a block should be available in the crown store. Plus a wider version should exist and it is really pretty texture.

Letter D is the biggest plank available that covers the widest area possible so many homesteaders are forced to use this with its ugly textures.

Letter E is the statue base, square and it is a luxary item so it isn't a affordable option for many, plus it covers the smallest area. Such a texture should exist for other platforms and with this comparison I hope zos considers adding more structures to the game

And with such little item slots being a HUGE problem, zos needs to increase the amount of large flooring available to use for our homes
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  • Aliyavana
    Buried post ugh
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  • davey1107
    I like many of your ideas...but I think a lot of people forget that housing isn’t even a year old yet. ZOS has said that major system updates are more likely in the early part of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a homestead expansion in the Q1 release or the chapter release next summer.

    Slots are probably more of a development nightmare than people realize. I don’t think ZOS is pulling the same thing that they do with like inventory space...where inventory space is limited for the economy. I think they limit housing slots because it’s a tremendous strain on the system. It’s quite impressive they got it to work as well as it does. I’ve done a little work on games...it’s hard to describe how complex the furnishing system is in a housing instance. But because you’re adding hundreds of independent objects that have to each load and render, it creates a complexity you don’t have in most other parts of the game.

    If I had the option to add one major feature to homesteading...hum. I’m not sure. I might suggest a color quality upgrade system for individual pieces of furniture where their appearance gets more elaborate thenjigher the quality. Like a green table is bare, blue has a tablecloth, purple set for dinner, Gold is loaded with a full meal.
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  • GChaseXmas
    I would say one of the things that would be extremely nice in 2018 is the ability to have mannequins to show off costumes and armor just like they had in Skyrim. I think it is something that those dedicated to housing would truly appreciate it; I know I would.
  • Ermiq
    I like the idea of adding more big platforms.
    I have so many plans to build a second floor here and there, then I put some items available and then, well, ok, I've reached the limit so it'll be just a floor, there's no space left for furnishings. :neutral:

    But also I'm really really disappointed with entire housing system because of its instanced separated zones. Those loading screens every time I open the door to get to my house from the game zone. Oh, it bothers me a lot. All the time. Yeah, maybe it was the only way to make this housing system with all that decoration possibility. But when I'd heard about upcoming housing in ESO, I really was hoping that they'll make it without loading screens.
    I even don't want to go to my houses because of this, 'cause I know that when I come to the door, I need to wait and look at the loading screen. Again and again and again. Loading screens, loading screens, loading screens. OMG.
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  • ArcVelarian
    davey1107 wrote: »

    If I had the option to add one major feature to homesteading...hum. I’m not sure. I might suggest a color quality upgrade system for individual pieces of furniture where their appearance gets more elaborate the higher the quality. Like a green table is bare, blue has a tablecloth, purple set for dinner, Gold is loaded with a full meal.

    If I had to pick one it would be static item clusters (like a table covered in books and arcane paraphernalia) available as single furnishing units in order to save on space and give the devs more options for future content.
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  • patrick_smyth
    I would like to see existing houses upgraded to improve on their role-playing potential and then use these improvements when designing new ones.

    Many of the homes in ESO to date are copies of existing buildings in-game. These were designed as places quests happen or they have other background uses (inns, shops etc.). Whereas they are good for their original usage I feel that player homes should be much more designed for role-playing and that they should make sense in/of themselves in an RPG context.

    For instance:
    A medieval/post-medieval great house was not just a place where the lord of the manor slept and held court. It was an entire community in itself. In Daggerfall Overlook:
    • Where are the servants quarters? I am at least as interested in how the servants live and work as I am the VIPs.
    • There are NO fireplaces (but there are two chimneys :s :'( ). Glenumbra is not a warm climate like Alik'r. Trying to create a kitchen means you have to simulate somewhere for the cooking smoke to go. Note that the current provisioning station (not Clockwork) resembles a campfire and does not look right in a fireplace.
    • Some of the interior/exterior windows make no sense. I have said enough elsewhere on this :(
    • The impressive fortified walls would have been impossible to defend as the house and tower appear to be completely unconnected to the battlements.
    • Given the importance of religion in the middle ages one would have expected a PROMINENT area for worship / meditation but players have to create a shrine. No mausoleum.
    • There are far too many out-of-bounds areas - the invisible walls are too intrusive and the main building lacks a door to get to the back. Hitting an invisible wall where you might expect to go spoils immersion.
    • False architecture. Even the barn has a false dormer :)

    It is most often when you try to rectify things - try to add a "realistic" smithy to a stable for instance or a believable kitchen that you run into the item slot limit. The ESO+ item slot limit of 700 is very meagre if you are trying to create a credible simulation of how a big house might work. It may be OK if you just want a glorified trophy-cabinet or a crafting area but for role-playing it is not enough.

    So, in summary for 2018, I would like to see housing become more role-playing friendly. I have other thoughts for beyond this but that is for another post.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    A free % increase to all inventory slots for all homes.
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  • Zypheran
    I'll play the game my way and you play it your way!
  • Nerouyn
    On the topic of flooring....

    I'd love for bosmer pods to have an alternative to all that leather. Could we just have some naked wood?

    I understand the green pact and that the plant life in Valenwood is sentient. I love that ZO did something unique with their wood elves. But all the dead animal parts is not an aesthetic which appeals to everyone. Between that and the bosmer flowers having been a luxury vendor item it sucks most of the appeal out of them for me. I'd have been happy with a Telvanni mushroom tower instead except ESO has transformed those into hideous monstrosities and it was a crown store limited time thing.
  • Slick_007
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Zos keeps adding more furniture and more houses but no slots in small increments as compensation

    theres one of your problems. you feel you deserve 'compensation'. you dont.

    TLDR the rest
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  • Sweetpea704
    Yes! More building materials!!
  • Aliyavana
    Slick_007 wrote: »
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Zos keeps adding more furniture and more houses but no slots in small increments as compensation

    theres one of your problems. you feel you deserve 'compensation'. you dont.

    TLDR the rest

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  • davey1107
    If they’re addressing housing, I call dibs on 1313 Fuzzybutt Lane.

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  • Belegnole
    How about actually making some houses...
  • Nerouyn
    Belegnole wrote: »
    How about actually making some houses...

    I don't hesitate to criticize but that's in crazy pants territory.

    Since they only introduced housing last year, literally all of them were new. And excluding the crown store ones they did introduce several later - the Nord manor, the morrowind ones, the hag cottage.
  • Woefulmonkey
    I agree with just about everything in this post but I think the highest priority should be

    wayshrines, repair and guild banking services.

    These are the essential service just to give players a reason to spend time at their home on a regular basis.

    I would say the secondary priority should be providing 'Daily' questing boards. Basically every type of daily repeatable quest type should be able to be started from your home.

    If those two areas were homes would actually have value beyond just being 'vanity' virtual trophy cabinets.

  • KanedaSyndrome
    Bulletin boards in major cities where people can advertise personally for trades/sale etc. To go along with that, a trader npc that you can put up in your house, which people will use when they visit to perform said trade/shop at your store.

    People should be able to buy and sell at your store, where you've setup what you want to buy and what you want to sell, and at which rates.

    This will create some life and gameplay around the whole housing mechanic and give people an alternative to Guild Stores.
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  • eternal.koor_ESO
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    I agree. We need more basic structure items that can be purchased cheaply from vendors. Floors/walls/stairs/doors/windows (as a light source under structures). We have access to so many colors of Stine and rocks, but practically no floors and rocks. How can the Craftsman make intricately crafted furniture, but they can't nail some boards on to a platform without them going all wonky?

    Also, it's a sword and sorcerer game, why can't we place weapons? I understand armor can't be placed as it is worn, but pretty much every weapon is a static 3d object that should be quite easy to Pace as a furniture item.

    Also, please give an indicator of how bright a light source is. Possibly show the lighting preview as a toggle in a black room.
  • Yolokin_Swagonborn
    Zypheran wrote: »

    Stairs would solve some of my item issues. Stacking blocks is just not sustainable.
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  • Defilted
    Only two things I am concerned with two things.

    1. Storage space (coming Q1)
    2. Let me put whatever I want in the house. Why do I have a general furniture count and then a separate trophy count? Why
    cannot I just get one count and I choose what I fill it with.

    Cannot I increase the count with Crowns? I get double with ESO plus, but all I want to put in there are the trophies from all the dungeons and trials and you can only have 40.
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  • Katahdin
    Need some wood beams

    I want to hang curtains as room dividers and there is nothing to hang them from
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  • thedude33
    I haven't got a house. I've looked at them all and none of them feels very 'housey'. I will get a basic one now since they have announced storage.
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  • ak_pvp
    Big outside/inside stone walls. Pre made.

    Entrance moving.

    Place-able water/ponds/waterfalls.

    House upgrades, i.e. basement

    I have forsaken atm, best for an imposing castle, everything else is too housy. Whilst the scenery has mountainous lakes, waterfalls etc, the actual house just has a massive dip you can't really build in too well. Would do nicely as a lake. Also it has a massive foundation that does little, could easily be a basement.
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  • ghastley
    Initial craftable furnishings.

    Without extra levels of crafting skill a player should be able enough furnishings for their free inn room to live in it. I can get a plan for a bedroll without training up, and a rough stool to sit on, but then the least demanding table requires Woodworking 3. That's someone that gathers Beech, which would be level 26 and up without getting the skill ahead of the character. Making a platform to raise the bedroll off the ground is about the same, and a real bed seems to want level 4.

    It would be nice to see a basic "dorm room" set that you can make at the start - I'd accept at level 2, as you'd be about that level when you reach the towns with the rooms. Make them so you'd want to replace them with better, but at least have something available.
  • Wildberryjack
    I really want more building materials. Some of these houses have HUGE outdoor spaces and we're so limited what we have available to build. Also, special items to give a variety in design with color and texture would be sweet. Why do all the wood planks have to be the same shade of dull brown? Have these people never heard of stain? Why are all the stones the same shade of dull gray? Did they all come from the same quarry? can we have round wood platforms too? Round stones? Variety, it would be nice.
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