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Dueling Arena; Lance's Pinnacle

Hello all! I wanted to share my latest creation with you.
Since ESO housing first dropped, it has always been a goal of mine to build a legitimate dueling arena for my guildies and friends. A place for people to come with characters of all levels and "train" on them to become more comfortable with their build experiments. However, up until now, most of the homes didn't allow for such a structure to be erected... But THEN came the Pinnacle. As soon as I first laid eyes on the center room, I knew immediately what I was going to do. For some, the place presented too many disadvantages. For me and my plans, it was absolutely perfect! I was able to build the arena from scratch in a tried and tested size. The space is perfect for two people to duel it out to the fullest. Enough Space to get away from AoE, for nightblades to actually cloak and move around someone, to uppercut someone and not throw them into the seating, etc. The stands hold seating for the common, a VIP section, and fur thrones for champions. Behind the arena is a training dummy area with the precursor, target skeleton, and plans for a centurion in the middle. I was able to also stock out the dining/living quarters (with the help of my best friend in game who's an awesome interior decorator), and included a crafting room in the unfinished cave area. I imagine I will always be tinkering with it (especially if they up the item cap...PLEASE!!!!), but I had to come share this with you all as I am extremely proud of this project above all my others. If anyone on Xb1 would like to come take a first hand look at it, just let me know! Thanks everyone!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  • NordSwordnBoard
    Great choice with the crystals for roof lighting. Looks very arena like
    You can put any vehicle you want on the racetrack that is ESO, just don't blame anybody but yourself if your VW bus get passed by a Ferrari.
  • AdamskiAlders
    That looks awesome!
  • FloppyTouch
    I like how simple it is and very effective. Well done
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