Official Discussion Thread for "The ESO Community Gets Festive for the Holidays"

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This is the official discussion thread for "The ESO Community Gets Festive for the Holidays" blog article.

The Elder Scrolls Online Community has truly gotten into the spirit of the season with a host of amazing holiday-themed creations built with ESO's Housing Editor. We loved them so much, we had to share some of our favorites. Check it out!
Jessica Folsom
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  • Vanthras79
    Thanks for some of the great links Jess! I still need ideas :neutral: time is ticking away.
    Norion Germain - Telvanni Wizard, Covenant Battle Mage, Resident of Wayrest, and Lord of Tel Galen.

  • ChuckyPayne
    I have Christmas mood :)
  • Agalloch
    Would be nice to have all the towns decorated not only our homes.
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