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Battlegrounds Lag

Is anybody else experiencing an insane amount of lag in battlegrounds? Game runs fairly smooth everywhere else but BG's. Hard to play the game when everyone is porting around.
  • Bhaal5
    Ever since it was released mate. Its been a broken mess for me, which is ashame as i was looking forward to it as i enjoyed pvp in guild wars 2 and it was just a copy of that.
  • Mojomonkeyman
    Yeah, lag in battlegrounds has increased dramatically since CWC dropped. I regularly jump up to 999+ even when tamriel is rather empty (off peak). ZOS messed something up again, will take them only a year to fix it, if ever. Speaking from experience.
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  • RouDeR
    I noticed sometimes on PC EU that there are lag spikes like 1/5 games is laggy .
    However on PS4 EU there is no such problem i havent seen any server lag there at all.
  • Thogard
    Yup. It’s driving me insane because it doesn’t affect everyone.

    VPN helps which makes me think there’s something fishy with the data packets for BG PvP that causes them to get dropped/lost by some nodes... but that doesn’t make any sense - why would it only affect BGs and why now?
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  • Cinbri
    It started to lag and fps drops eversince cwc update.
  • MurderMostFoul
    I've not had this issue.

    Xbox NA
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  • Thogard
    wtf is with BG lag lately.

    its like they took it and put it on the same server that does vivec.
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  • Maulkin
    I've been fine personally, on PC EU. Not seen any lag spikes. Not had the infinite loading screens for quite a while either.

    Interesting we have varying experiences.
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  • gabormezo
    Had lag, disabled addons, have no lag. Unfortunately it didn't helped in Cryo.
  • Beardimus
    Only since CP was introduced.

    That's why @ZOS_GinaBruno is getting them removed for us.

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  • ChunkyCat
    Sometimes I have to spam the key to swap skill bars. Every skill goes off as soon as I cast it, but swapping my skill bar lags out. No other lag noticeable, just on the bar swap.

    Kind of annoying.

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