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[PC/EU] Progressive raid guild Gorgon now recruiting! [vAS+2 HM/vMOL HM/vHOF HM approved]

The Guild

Gorgon is a newly formed guild consisting of a experienced group of handpicked friends who have raided together in various guilds and are now forming their own with the aim of competitive raiding. We are looking for experienced people of all roles to join our ranks in order to compete on the leader-boards, overcome challenges, achievements and above all have fun whilst striving to progress as a group with a competitive attitude.


We are currently recruiting for all roles however the aim is to keep the guild small and tight-knit to ensure that we can progress better and work as effectively as possible within the team. All candidates must have veteran trial experience, knowledge of mechanics, sets, the class you play and willingness to listen to the raid leader. Please note that it is a must that you are able to use Teamspeak in all raids and to be able to communicate efficiently via microphone. Finally we do ask that applicants be at the CP cap for maximum optimisation in raids however in some cases exceptions can be made. We do maintain a social and friendly element too using Telegram to make sure everyone gets on outside of raids and to help new people fit in easier. Current raiding days are Monday, Tuesday, Friday and occasionally Saturday.

Damage Dealers will be asked to perform a DPS test on the 6mil dummy where all relevant buffs such as shock-wall, elemental drain and fracture will be provided, the DPS needed is class dependant and will be decided upon seeing your gear and rotation - if we think you have potential and you cannot quite reach the required mark then we are happy to help with rotation, gear and to re-try at a later date.

Ranged Prioity: High
Melee Priority: Low

Healers are required to have the relevant sets, understanding of trial mechanics and a good understanding of how abilities/buffs work in order for the group to perform at maximum output. If you are applying as a healer you will be invited on a trial run where we will be looking at your buff up-times, healing, warhorn rotation and ability to apply your knowledge.

Priority: Low

Tanks like healers will be required to have the relevant sets, understanding of trial mechanics, know mob spawn locations, mob placement, a good understanding of abilities/buffs and most importantly survivability. As a tank you will be invited on a trial run where we will be looking at the above mentioned aswell as buff uptimes, warhorn rotation and ability to apply your knowledge.

Prioity: High

We are always willing to help applicants if they show promise or potential and will always welcome people who are able to think outside of the box with a builds and think for themselves as opposed to following a guide which has been posted on Youtube. We will however add that people who are looking for an easy carry through content to obtain skins, achievements or titles and players who are willing to sacrifice vitality or score for their own personal DPS may be better off applying elsewhere as we are looking for a well organised group with regular attendance.

What we aim to offer is a friendly but experienced, competitive and optimised environment where together we can achieve goals and consistently progress. We are always willing to help members in terms of gear, farming and maintain a fair loot system where the need of a members main trial character will have priority, if this sounds like something you would like to be apart of then please apply via or alternatively send an in game /w or mail to any of the following @XiaoWeiXiao or @Cloakedd
Thank you and we look forward to your applications
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  • GorgonGuild
    Already had a few nice applicants, just to be clear even though the priority is low on certain roles we're still accepting them.

  • Bouly08
    Soul Shriven
    What times do you raid ?
  • GorgonGuild
    7PM / 8PM CET - dependant on day.
  • Boggus
    - DPS: 41,767 (331,052 in 0:07.9) can do 40k+ selfbuffed, check ingame mail
    Edited by Boggus on January 11, 2018 6:32PM
  • Bouly08
    Soul Shriven
    gz for the vAS HM !!
  • GorgonGuild
    Bouly08 wrote: »
    gz for the vAS HM !!

    Thank you.

    - Please note we're now full on Melee DD's however Ranged applications are still open.
  • GorgonGuild
    Currently we are recruiting for a tank - raiding days are subject to change and we can be flexible - apply via
    Edited by GorgonGuild on March 30, 2018 3:28PM
  • Tremors
    Is your time any later than 8 CET?
    Passionfruit GM - PC NA
    Godslayer | Dawnbringer
  • GorgonGuild
    Is your time any later than 8 CET?


    We start our raids at this time and finish around 10-11 CET depending on the trial or the goal for the evening.

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