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Social Guild 'The Reborn' (60+ members) is looking for a RAIDLEADER!

Hi everyone,

We are currently looking for a raid-leader to guide our little band of adventurers through trials.
Currently, we have one trial-day a week, where we go on one or two normal trials in Craglorn, mostly to gear up our members.

In the future, we would like to expand to two trial-days a week, on for gearing and one for the more challenging content.
We'd also like to advance to veteran trials in due time.

If you know the trials like the back of your hand, know how to handle 11 enthusiastic people and have a guild spot available to join a lovely social guild, drop me a message here or in game so we can have a chat!

Hope to hear from you soon!
@Cyn.V84 (yes, with the dot!)

EDIT: some handy info: we're on PC EU :blush:
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