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Isildurrr Looking for Progressive (Hardcore) PVE Guild



I am Isildurrr, a Swedish gamer in my mid 20's. I work from home which allows me to spend a lot of time in game.
I just hit 402cp and I've been playing the game for about 45 days now. (22 days in game playtime, currently farming CP)

The only class I play currently is Mag Sorc for now as I just love the class!

I am looking for a mature, fun, friendly and hardcore pve guild that is willing to help me improve, go on trials, gear up etc. I am quite dedicated to the game, to improving etc. I have discord, mic and like I mentioned, I spend a lot of time in game. My goals are to do vet HM on all trials, to get flawless conqueror in vma and to become emperor in pvp eventually so I'm staying for the long run.

Isildurrr is my user id in game and you can find me on:

Website: (not yet available)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!
  • Dextail

    I'll send you a ingame mail and a invite in abit to a casual pve guild which I occasionally raid lead for. They do two schuled vet trials twice a week plus some pick up ones when we are bored and normals once a week. It's not a "end game progression guild" but with your cp and limited expierence your chances are slim to none to get accepted into one that's truely comes under that label. Anyone that accepts you I personally wouldn't class as a progression guild as they only ever take max cp with atleast minimum vMOL exp.thats just me being honest with you as a end game raider not to discourage you. But we can get you started. Currently the guild has completed all crag trials within reasonable times 30-40minutes, and completed one HM and I'll be teaching the remaining two HM's over chrismas. Then we will start vMOL.

    I am honest in saying it's maybe not the "trial guild" you want but it's a good start to getting you there and we are pretty cool people. Also 4-5 of us regulars are in real progression guilds so you will learn a few things along the road and maybe get a recommendation for future guilds

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