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A Misadventure in Manacles


Preface & Scope
The following is a record of an event roleplayed with members of the Sanctum University on 12-10-17. The text is derived straight from chat logs. Dice rolls were made via Sanctum University’s rollbot in a Discord channel employing the guild’s skill system.


Meandering after the Bosmer, Althiira Sagelock moves to claim one of the benches, sitting down and settling her hands lightly upon her knees. She looks at Puck with a sort of keen attentiveness, casting a leery glance at the overcast sky and likely hoping it doesn't burst into rain before the end of the instructional.

Puck Tanglevine takes his position behind the podium, which is almost as tall as he is. Noticing a small crate at the base, he steps onto it to give himself a little more height. Clearing his throat, he says, “Welcome to me first colloquium on lockpicking, friends and fellow scholars. Me is very glad to ‘ave you ‘ere today and me hopes you can take somefing away very helpful from all dis.”

@Storymaster asks everyone make a Perception check in the Discord roll channel for Sanctum University.
//Hidden target numbers 5 (Detection Discovery), 10 (Super Detail Discovery) //

Althiira Sagelock rolls 3
Relien Montrose rolls 6 – Success

Relien Montrose leans back somewhat on the bench as he watches Puck, beginning to listen as he ran a hand up to his cheek, lightly brushing a finger over the still-healing scars

Aralmos set his lute under the pew.

Relien Montrose receives privately // You notice a travel bag leaning against the side of the podium. It is partially open, and from your vantage point, you can see what appears to be several pairs of unfriendly looking iron manacles. Is that oxidation or old bloodstains? //

Raní Dírení rolls 3
Aralmos rolls 6 – Success

Aralmos receives privately // You notice a travel bag leaning against the side of the podium. It is partially open, and from your vantage point, you can see what appears to be several pairs of unfriendly looking iron manacles. Is that oxidation or old bloodstains? //

Relien flicks his gaze downward towards the bottom of the podium, raising an eyebrow as he sat there.

Puck continues. “Dis colloquium shall consist of four instructionals, of which tonight is da first. By da end of dis series of instructionals, each of you will ‘ave gained a working knowledge of complex chest and door locks, and how to react and disengage common traps associated wiff locks.”

Aralmos,'s gaze wanders, landing on the podium, lips pursing as he spots something peculiar..and possibly interesting at the base of it.

Puck continues. “But before we begin tonight’s overview, me ‘as a question. ‘Ow many of you have been placed in manacles before?” The bosmer raises his own hand even as he hangs the question. His dark eyes search the others, as he steps down from his box and slowly walks around to the front of the podium. “Come now. Don’t be shy. Dere’s no shame in ‘aving been put in irons before. ‘Appens to da best of us.”

Aralmos raises his hand, then looks around to see who else raised their hands as well.

Relien Montrose smirks, raising a hand as the question is asked.

Puck Tanglevine nods to Aralmos and Relien in turn, just as he holds his own hand aloft, grinning all the while. “Dis first instructional is all about da most basic lock you will eva find--and tha’s the manacles of da local constabulary. Is me right or is me right?”

Amusement flickers to life in the wells of Althiira's eyes. She looks like she wants to say something terribly cheeky, and the grin curling at her lips hints that it -may- be a joke that verges on salacious, but professionalism wrestles it down. "Well! Isn't -this- going to be an interesting course! Always approved of interactive teaching, really. Drives the point home."

Raní Dírení begrudgingly raises her hand

Aralmos chuckles, nodding in agreement with Puck.

Puck nods to Rani as she finally raises her hand, then he shoots Aralmos a look. "Me knew it."

Raní says,"Seems useful." she shrugs casually, pretending to have never raised her hand

Puck says, “Da lockin’ mechanism in manacles is a very basic piece of ‘ardware called a plated lock. Unlike chests, dey have no pins or tumblas inside. Instead, dey has two plates on da nterior dat are designed in such a way as to only allow a key whose teef can slip past dese plates.”

After a brief spell, the bard shoots her own hand up - but her hesitation seemed more from distraction than shame. She drops it back into her lap swiftly, falling into silent but attentive listening.

Puck grins as the magister raises her hand, but continues. "Once da key has moved past dese plates, da tip of the key depresses a nub which frees da manacles. Lucky for us, dis makes slippin’ past da plates easy when you’s usin’ a hair pin, a clothier’s pin, or thieves picks."

Aralmos patted his pocket, where he had a few thieves picks on hand.

Puck continues. “Now, if you’s using somefing nonconventional like a cloving pin, you’ll want to make sure you put a little bend at de end of it so you can manipulate da li’tle nub inside da lock. “Now, a good footpad always ‘as lockpicks on ‘is or ‘erself at all times. But ‘avin lockpicks on one’s person is neva enough.”

Raní reaches up, running her fingers through her hair, pausing as she extracts two hair pins and grunts looking them over, imagining how they may fit in the described mechanism.

Puck touches the side of his head. “As fieves, we ‘as to be cleva. We ‘as to ‘ave picks in da right places on our person. There are three primary points on a footpad’s person where lockpicks should be stowed wiff da ‘elp of modified cloving.” He gestures to each place in turn. “One, da wrists, eitha in the cuffs of ya sleeves or in leather bracers. Two, your front and rear waist wiff da help of a modified belt. Picks stowed in the back of ya belt comes in handy when dey place ya hands behind ya back.” He gives a sagelike nod. “Three, ya shoes. A hollowed boot heel is a great place for storin’ picks. And some times, like Rani just showed us, you can hide em in plain sight, like she did wiff 'er hair pins."

Raní Dírení blinks, having unintentionally prepared for the colloquium. She smiles and shrugs slightly.

Puck gestures to Rani and Relien in turn. "Long hair, such as dese two 'andsome specimens 'ere, is great for makin' two braids dat fall alongside ya face, like me first mentor showed me long ago. And in dem braids, you can interwtine lockpicks! De same if ya can grow a beard! 'Ow many Nord footpads do you fink have lockpicks stored in deir beard braids? Dey's bein' cleva, which keeps us one step ahead of anyone dat would frow us in irons!”

Puck adopts a very serious look, as his dark eyes scan the crowd. "Now, before me goes any further, me is goin’ to needs you all to drop ya trousas."

Raní Dírení blinks "Err..... 'scuse me?" she scoffs, her proper speech lost in her moment of surpise

Aralmos laughed. "Seriously?"

Relien Montrose's expression shifts entirely to a blank, confused one, as if that were just about the only thing he /hadn't/ expected in the lesson.

Propping her elbows on the back of the bench, the bard's brow slooooowly rises upwards, and a smirk works its way onto her face. "You're being serious, aren't you?" She prods, before bursting into bright and merry laughter. "I'd have worn fancier unders if I knew this were part of the course!"

“Woa, magista, no, no!” Puck says with a bit of urgent worry. “Me was only playin, don't take dem off!

Aralmos says"I might have worn underwear at all." He laughs.

Puck jabs a finger at Aralmos. "And YOU especially keep yours own if yas not wearin any knickers!"

Aralmos laughs once more.

“Me may have been playin about da trousas, but ole Puck is goin’ to need each of you to remova ya belts. See, for participatin’ in me class, me had special belts made for each of you. You’ll find dat me’s modified each one to carry lockpicks in da buckle and in da rear band.”

Relien Montrose smirks as he leans back on his bench. "I was about to say, you all haven't quite earned the sight of me without trousers on." He'd chuckle.

Puck proceeds to give each participant the following item via the trade function:

Deaja Valgan shifts in her seat, looking around at those present.

Raní Dírení nods, standing to remove the scaled belt along her waist

Relien Montrose shrugs his shoulders at the genuine request, standing as he'd reach down to his belt, unbuckling and removing his leather belt.

Raní Dírení sets her belt on the bench and looks to Puck, taking the belt as she hands it to her

Snickering to herself, Althiira loops her own belt through, pulling it off - along with the daggers that had been attached to it. They jangle against the hard wood of the bench when she sets them down. The new belt she dons, giving a nod of thanks to Puck as she does so.

Aralmos cleared his throat at the proffered belt. "Er..Mine's fine."


Puck says, “Come now, Aralmos, me had dis specially made for you and dem dat didn't show up neiva. You wouldnt want to hurt ole Puck's feelins would ya?”

Adjusting the length to accomidate her size, Rani fastens it securely, running her fingers along the band to feel where the pocket is hidden.

Relien Montrose takes the belt from Puck, carefully slipping it on as he'd buckle it up, briefly running his fingers over the band

Deaja slightly hopes no ones pants fall down as they take off their normal belts.

After Aralmos accepts the offered belt, Puck looks to the others and says, “Alright, so each of ya will see dat me's already placed lock picks in da buckle and in dat little groove in da rear band.”

Raní flips the buckle up to see where they may be hidden, a pick falling loose and clinkcing against the floor "Oh...." she mutters, scooping it up and replacing it in its compartment

Running her hands over the belt to find the hidden compartment in question, Althiira gives a slow understanding nod, her brows knitting with thought. She glances over the others again, before standing to her feet - seeing as she appears to be the only student who hadn't yet done so.

Puck approaches his travel bag, which is leaning against the base of the podium. It jingles and tinks with something metallic as he lifts it and turns to the others. "Now, each of you please take a pair of manacles from me bag and go ahead and clamp dem around ya wrists."

Deaja pushes herself up, moving a tad bit closer to see said compartments.

Puck nods with a grin at Deaja's curiosity.

Relien Montrose doesn't offer much complain, moving up to Puck as he'd remove a pair of manacles, carefully placing them around his wrists and clamping them shut.

@Storymaster prompts Relien privately to make a Perception check.
//Hidden target numbers 5 (Detection Discovery), 10 (Super Detail Discovery) //

Relien Montrose rolls 9 – Success

Relien Montrose receives privately //As you scoop a pair of manacles out--something else down in the pack catches your eye. Is that a long fellrunner feather? And something else slightly shines from deep within. A red gem of some kind?//

Raní takes a pair she looks them over "Secured in the front or the back?"

Puck says, “Dealas choice as dey say in da card house, but me would recommend you try da front first.”

Raní nods, securing the manacles along her slender wrists.

A pair of manacles is plucked from the bag. Althiira examines them for a few brief moments before she awkwardly locks them around her wrists. Again there's that wry smirk on her face, but it's not clear what, precisely, she finds to be so amusing.

@Storymaster prompts Althiira privately to make a Perception check.
//Hidden target numbers 5 (Detection Discovery), 10 (Super Detail Discovery) //

Althiira Sagelock rolls 5 – Success

Althiira Sagelock receives privately //As you scoop a pair of manacles out--something else down in the pack catches your eye. Is that a long fellrunner feather? And something else slightly shines from deep within. A red gem of some kind?//

Squinting down into the bag of manacles, Althiira’s countenance takes on a curious air, and for a moment it seems she might reach in to confirm something - but ultimately she keeps her hands to herself, possibly because she's already donned the manacles and isn't that dexterous at the moment anyway.

Puck puts his hand on his hips. “Alright you lot. Give dem manacles a try. Use dem deft fingas to get the lockpicks from ya buckle, den try ta work it in da lock. Let's see how ya do!”

@Storymaster prompts everyone to make Lockpicking checks.

Relien Montrose rolls 13 – Super Success
Raní Dírení rolls 9 – Success
Althiira Sagelocke rolls 4

Relien flicks his manacled hands down to the belt, drawing out one of the hidden lockpicks as he carefully fumbles with it in his fingers. Holding it a little awkwardly between two fingers as he'd slip the pick into the lock as he'd shift his fingers slowly and carefully for a moment. Once finding what he's looking for, he'd give a sharp turn as the manacles pop open, and fall onto the ground before him.

Attempting to work the pick out of her belt proves quite difficult for Althiira. She can't quite seem to manage it, her brows creasing together at the effort. She makes a frustrated humming sound to herself, but that's the only sign that she's the slightest bit perturbed.

Puck looks to the magister as she attempts her manacles and walks over to her.

There's an impish grin cast Relien's way. Althiira says to him cheekily: "Well well, you look like you've done that a few times before." Her eyes drift to Puck, then, and she wriggles her still-bound hands at him, fingers cascading. "Got any tips for me, eh, professor?"

“Me knows dis is awkward for ya fingas, but believe me when me tells ya da hand position is what makes dis da mos' difficult. Practice at dis will make it easier, gettin yaself used to da position! Once you have da pick inside da keyhole, keep workin it against da back until you trigga dat nub!”

@Storymaster prompts Althiira to roll again.

Althiira Sagelock rolls 12 – Super Success

Relien glances up towards Althiira with a smirk, leaning down to pick up his manacles, moving back towards his original seat.

Raní slips a pick from the buckle, she slides it in to the opening of the mechanism, feeling for what Puck had described. It takes her minute or so of sliding the pick along the metal plates until the manacles pop open, clattering to the ground.

Puck looks at Relien standing there without manacles on and puts his hands on his hips. "Is you going to place da manacles on and make da attempt, Relien?" he says, apparently not realizing that the man had already escaped from them.

Relien says, "First tip- don't get locked up in the first place." He chuckles at Puck, holding the manacles up. "I can do it /again/, if you'd like?"

Puck says, “What, you's already sprung yaself free den?” He slaps the human on the shoulder with great enthusiasm. "That's tha spirit!"

After listening to the man's suggestions, Althiira bends over and finally manages to work the pick free. That done, there are a few fumbling, but deft motions before there's a slip of metal on metal, then a satisfying -click- as the bard unlocks the manacles. They fall to the ground with a clang as she fails to actually catch them, and she grins triumphantly before leaning down to pick them back up again.

“Well done, magista! And you as well, Rani. Wait a moment, Rani--you is havin me on? You's done dis before, 'aven't you?”

Relien Montrose chuckles, carefully slipping the lockpick back into the belt as he takes a comfortable seat on the bench, a self-satisifed grin on his face.

Deaja Valgan tap Rani on the shoulder, flashing her a smile.

Puck says, “Well, Aralmos, is you going to stand dere all day dreamin about Nocturnal's embrace, or is you goin to put a pair of dem manacles on?”

Aralmos says, "I'm ready, let's do this."

Raní smirks to Puck- her only response as she sits, looking back to Deaja
Puck Tanglevine points down to his travel pack, where several pairs of iron manacles can be seen.

Aralmos moves forward to take a pair of manacles, cuffing himself tightly in them behind his back, apparently.

“Hurry on den, so we can get to da fun part where dere is volunteers and misfortune.” Puck flashes everyone a mischievous grin. Then he raises an impressed eyebrow as Aralmos binds his own hands behind his back.

Aralmos rolls 13 – Super Success

Aralmos tries not to look smug as he slips his fingers into the pick pocket on the belt, retrieving a pick and getting himself out of the manacles with considerable ease..almost as if he'd done this a time or two before. He catches the manacles in his hands as they fall off, then holds them triumphantly up for the group to see.

Puck nods with a raised eyebrow at the achievement. “Impressive, Aralmos, impressive! Now... Me is going to need one very brave soul to volunteer for somefing... somefing quite terrible.”

Relien Montrose briefly flicks a gaze over the crowd, before standing. "Well, i'm nothing if not a good sport."

Deaja Valgan clears her throat, looking about. "I... can, since I am not participating." She swallows hard, eyes shifting back to Puck.

A glance is cast about the others, marking their expressions at Puck's request. The bard seems to hesitate for a moment before gradually raising her hand - gradual, it seems, because she's waiting to see if anyone else might step forward before her. It drops again once Deaja and Relien stand up, a merry glint of pride in her eyes.

Raní shrugs, not bothering to offer, as there are mulitple other options

“Me appreciates the bravery, Deaja, but dis is part of da class.” His eyes shift to Relien and his voice goes strangely somber, dark, dead-serious. “Is you absolutely sure you wish to volunteer? Dis will be one of da most terrible fings you 'as eva been subjected to....”

Aralmos raises a brow, grinning broadly in anticipation.

Relien smirks as he looks down to Puck, letting out a hearty chuckle. "You underestimate the number of things i've been subjected to." He'd utter in a half-serious, half-joking tone.

Puck says, his voice still somber, “Nocturnal watches us, bruva. I assure you... dis day will be long remembered. Come into da centa and manacle yaself.”

Deaja nods to Puck, eyes shifting to Relien.

Relien nods his head, moving towards the center of the class, carefully slipping his manacles back onto his wrists and clamping them shut.
“Now,” Puck says, swallowing slowly, “Da rest of you... Deaja included.... Reach into me pack.... and withdraw a fellrunner plume.”

A look of realization slowly crosses Relien's face.

Deaja lifts a brow. "A... a what?"

Aralmos barked out a laugh.

Relien immediately begins fishing for the pick in his belt.

A wicked grin starts spreading over Althiira's countenance. -She- knew where this was going. She's quite content to walk up to the man's pack and withdraw one of the feathers, brandishing it at Relien with a flourish, though she doesn't actually touch him. Yet. She gives him a wink. "Oh woe for the brave soul," she says, with mock gravity.

Puck's eyes never leave Relien as he points one finger down to his travel bag where can be found several long ostritch-like fellrunner plumes. They look soft and perfect for... tickling.

“Not yet, Relien!” Puck warns.

Relien looks at Althiira as he fishes the the pick. "I will *end* you."

Puck points an accusing finger at the dashing rogue. "De contest is not begun yet.!"

Aralmos too stepped forward and took a feather, mischief painted on his face.

"Try it, pretty boy!" Althiira says.

Relien grumbles, forcing himself not to grab the pick early. He sucks in a deep breath, calming himself as he stands as still as he can, closing his eyes as he readies himself for the coming onslaught.

Aralmos twists the feather between his fingers, letting a puff of air escape his lips to ruffle the feather.

Deaja watches the scene before her, slowly moving forward and peering into the bag.

“Come now, everyone gather aroun' Relien 'ere, and arm yaselves wiff one of me feathas.” Puck reaches into a large leather pouch hanging from his side and withdraws a small timeglass half-filled with sand.

Deaja simply stares into the bag, hesitating.

Relien keeps his eyes closed, arms low to try and cover the more sensitive spots. "Oh, the songs I will write about you all will be so, so, very cruel."

Aralmos says,"I think I may have read something like this in a book called "Proper Torture Techniques."

Walking closer, Althiira makes to wriggle the tip of the plum as though it might touch down on the edge of poor Relien's ear - but she doesn't actually do anything. Her entire visage is heavy with mischief, and she wriggles on her feet in apparent anticipation. "I can't wait to hear you sing them for us," she fires back, oh-so-teasingly.

“Alright.... when me says go, Relien mate, you has about 60 seconds to spring da lock while each da rest of you tickle him wiff da feathas as ya see fit. But wait for me signal, all of yas.

Deaja makes a sound."Ehhh." She eventually draws up a feather, moving close reluctantly.

@Storymaster lines out the mechanics of the contest. Each of the 4 ticklers will roll 2d6 for tickling. Relien will make 4 consecutive lockpicking checks, the total of which must beat the ticklers.

Deaja Valgan rolls 7
Aralmos rolls 6
Althiira Sagelock rolls 8
Raní Dírení rolls 4

Tickle Total is 25

Puck Tanglevine gives the signal and tips over the timeglass as the grains begin to fall, holding it aloft in his hand, the other hand on his hip.

Aralmos began tickling, running the feather along the sensitive part of Relien's neck, below the jaw, just behind the ear - areas which the bosmer knew would drive him crazy were he in Relien's shoes.

Immediately on the signal, Althiira starts wriggling the feather around his neck. It traces its way around the back, the front - she casts a wink towards Aralmos as he works on the other side, her grin practically graven on her face. "Your sacrifice will forever be remembered," she says to the poor, manacled man solemnly.

While appearing rather reluctant, Deaja seems to put in a decent effort into this task.

“Seriously, mate..we're never gonna let you live this down," Aralmos adds to Althiira's statement.


Relien Montrose rolls 10, Cumulative Contest 10 vs 25

Relien Montrose shifts his hands downwards the second the tickling begins, carefully, he fishes his fingers into the hidden pocket on his belt, carefully drawing out the lockpick as he does his best to resist the distraction of the tickling, his eyes closed as he focuses intently, body wriggling somewhat, especially his neck as the feathers dash around it.

Rani looks visibly uncomfortable touching this unfamiliar adult man in a non-professional way, but does so, reguardless, awkwardly wiggling her fingers along his side.

Relien Montrose rolls 8, Cumulative Contest 18 vs 25

Relien Montrose shifts the lockpick carefully between his fingers, this seems to be a particularly difficult task, given the shaking of his hands as Relien fights to keep a smile off his face. "The wrath I will bring upon you all will be talked of for ages to come."

Raní isnt bad once shes warmed up to.... but...... she doesnt know this man she is being asked to touch in such an odd fashion!

"Wrath, shmath," replies Althiira, continuing the unrepentently wriggle the tip of the feather roundabouts his ear, now. "I'll believe it when I see it!"

Relien Montrose rolls 12, Cumulative Contest 30 vs 25

Relien cranes his neck as he tries to shift his head away from the feather, shifting the pick into the lock as he sucks in another deep breath, focusing on his work instead of insults as he carefully finds the appropriate spot for hte pick, turning it as the manacles pop open already, falling away as he'd jump back from the feathers.

Puck laughs in delight and by mere reaction of being impressed at Relien's feat as the bard slips free of his manacles!

Deaja retracts her hand, holding the feather directly up.

“Well done and done again, good fellow!” Puck claps Relien heartily on the shoulder.

Relien visibly shudders as he seems to recover from the tickling, as though he could still feel the "phantom tickle".

Puck survey the others. "And good work to you lot as well. Me was watchin ya and no one was takin it easy on him! Well done."

Poking her tongue out from between lips and teeth, Althiira withdraws the devil-feather only to laugh aloud and clap her hands together, her eyes bright with merriment at the entire exercise. "Well done, well done," she says. "-I- certainly could not have done any better." There's that hint of pride in her voie and visage again, and though it's not precisely -maternal,- it veers somewhere in that vein.

Relien suddenly shoots a vengeful smirk in Althiira's direction. "So you're volunteering to be next?"

Raní Dírení takes a step back as the man frees himself, retracting her appendages.

A guffaw abruptly erupts from Althiira, before she leans forward with an impish grin. "Why? Are you daring me to?"

“Now.... Relien, if you would good man, please share wiff us what it was like to try to work yaself out wiff all dat goin on and how you fink it correllates in da field.”

Aralmos folds his arms, still holding the feather and grinning broadly in amusement.

Relien Montrose smirks towards Althiira with narrowed eyes, before casting a glance back over to Puck as he cleared his throat. "Well, the tickling certainly makes it a more... 'stressful' exercise, and the movement makes it much more difficult to make precise movements. I imagine if you're being dragged along by the constable, it could be similar..."

Puck nods along as Relien explains.

Aralmos nodded as well at the astute assessment.

“Now, is da four of you's ready for our last scenario of dis first instructional? It is somefing of a bit of a competition and unlike dat bit wiff da feathas, actually is a bit dangerous.”

“I'm ready!" Aralmos declares.

Raní nods "That sounds more fun." she smiles broadly

"You learn better with just a hint of danger," Althiira says, nodding along. She puts the feather in her belt regardless, as she might sheath any dagger.

“Whomeva can complete dis final scenario in da shortest amount of time will get to wiffdraw one item from me Box of Irregularities.”

Aralmos stuck the feather into his hat.

Relien raises an eyebrow curiously at the mention of such a box. "Very well."

Raní smirks at the bosmers now cockaded hat.

“Now all of you, Deaja included--because we is going to need you as security for dis next bit--please follow me.”

Aralmos says,"Oh I like where this is going.."

Puck Tanglevine gestures to the setup of the three huge ceramic urns. "Me had dese imported just special for me colloquium all da way from Mosshaven by wagon. Magista Zalaroff was kind enough to help me set dese up for you. Each of dese urns is full to da brim wiff water. Me is goin to be da safety watch as ya try to work yaself out of da manacles while underwater. But me is goin to need Deaja standing at da ready wiff dis 'ere hammer in case fings go souf!”

Deaja Valgan says,"What?"

Puck goes behind the central urn and retrieves a gigantic warhammer, which he promptly carries across and holds out to Deaja.

"Oh.." Aralmos said a bit more flatly, seemingly not liking where this is actually going.

Deaja takes the massive hammer, holding it up rather easily.

Althiira’s countenance takes on something of a more grim expression. She shifts on her feet uncomfortably, then stills herself, eyeing the urns with a kind of leeriness now. The levity from before has all but evaporated, yet she doesn't protest, nor even seem to openly disapprove - she merely nods, mostly to herself.

“We will actually do dis one at a time. Me has three urns in case Deaja 'ere 'as to break a few rescuin' folks.”

Relien scratches at his chin. "Hm, I am fairly sure i've read a story like this. If I remember properly - the character drowned."

Aralmos says,"Mmn.." He looks back at Puck. "Can I volunteer to go first?"

Puck's eyes flick to Relien only briefly, but his countenance remains serious. He looks to Aralmos. "Of course you can, mate."

Raní grins wider, almost bouncing excitedly on her toes "Wait... am... am i going to fit in those...."

Aralmos nodded and stepped off to the side, removing his hat - which he didn't want getting wet, due to it being sentimental - and his belt, to avoid cutting himself on his daggers.

Puck gestures to the central urn. "Deaja, please stand at da front. Once dis starts, if me calls to ya for any reason, you just give da ceramic a good hard whack!"

Meandering over to Relien following his comment, Althiira would move up to the man and attempt to biff him lightly in the back of the head, a playful smile again causing her lips to twitch as the moment of melancholy passes. Even so, she watches Aralmos carefully as he volunteers and then approaches one of the urns, eyes narrowing a sharp degree.

Relien takes the gentle smack on the head, turning his gaze to Althiira with a wry smirk before turning back to the group. "Thanks for the reminder, Althiira, he /definitely/ drowned."

@Storymaster lines out the mechanics of the trial.

First Aspect – Escape:
Each attemptee will make 6 consecutive lockpicking checks and they must achieve a 30 to free themselves. Failure to reach this number will result in them struggling helplessly as the time reaches 2 minutes, by which time Puck will signal to Deaja to bust the attemptee out of the water jar with the hammer.

Second Aspect – Time:
The total amount rolled in the 6 consecutive lockpicking checks will be subtracted from 120 (Two Minutes), resulting in the time in which the attemptee was able to escape in seconds. Essentially, whomever rolls the highest will have escaped in the least amount of time.

Deaja says,"I'll try not to break any bones when I come through this thing.”

Aralmos says,"In case I die in there..I want to be eaten. Not buried, nor cremated. Eaten." he jests, in part to calm his own nerves.

"Don't worry,” Althiira says. “You look plenty tasty to me."

“I mean, I keep a steady diet of meat and alcohol, so I'm sure I'm delicious."
Deaja holds the hammer at the ready.


Aralmos shakes himself out, his nerves already beginning to fray. "Alright...Y'ffre, if ever there was a time for forgiveness.." he took a deep breath, hoisting himself onto the top of the urn and perching on the edge for a moment. He gestures for the manacles to be handed to him, then puts them on, revealing his open palms to the group to show that he wasn't up to any shenanigans. Hethen took a final deep breath and held it, slipping feet first into the urn until he were submerged.

Puck nods with approval, his face stoically set, as his brave fellow bosmer slides himself in!

Aralmos rolls 5, 12, 11, 6, 5, 6, for a total of 45.

Aralmos,'s heart pounded as he wriggled around in the urn, struggling to get the lockpick from the belt pouch and initially dropping it. He went for another, finding that there were none, and thus had to turn himself around in the water to feel around for it at the bottom of the urn. After several long moments of struggling he hit something blindly with a shackled hand, desperately seeking it out until he could get a grasp upon it. Then he righted himself in the urn (or thought he did, though he wasn't entirely certain which way was up anymore with his eyes closed tight), and began picking the lock. His chest began to ache and his anxiety had begun to spike, making the lockpicking intensely difficult. He didn't know how much time had passed, but it seemed a terribly long time before finally the lock gave and the manacles fell free of his wrists, and he pushed himself upward with his feet, gasping for air as he finally surfaced above the rim of the urn.

Puck goes to work immediately as Aralmos breaks the surface of the water, helping to bosmer climb out of the vase, not caring that he is getting completely soaked in the process. “Well done, mate! Well done. A minute and fifteen seconds was ya time!”

Relien smirks as he sees Aralmos work his way out of the urn and the manacles, bringing his hands up, he'd give an impressed set of applause.

Raní applauds lightly as the bosmer emerges.

Having watched attentively, Althiira gives a wide grin as Aralmos successfully emerges. She puts her hands together and applaudes the man as well, letting out a congratulatory whistle in the process, the smile on her face one that spoke of draining tension.

Aralmos takes a moment to recover on the sidelines.

Deaja smiles brightly to the Bosmer, glad she didn't have the chance to break his ribs.

Puck looks to the three remaining participants. "Who's next?"

Aralmos moved to pick up his belt and put it back on, hanging his hat off of the pommel of one of his daggers in the hopes of keeping it from getting wet.

Raní shrugs and takes a step forward. "If I can fit in there......." she muses, eyeing the height of the urn

Puck beams as the towering woman approaches. "Alright den, Rani! Come on up!" He extends a hand to help her onto the crate.


Raní peers down into the dark water and would climb up, perching on the rim as Aralmos did before her. She holds out her hands for the manalces and secures them, letting Puck see that there is no funny buisness going on. She takes a breath, closes her eyes, and slides into the water!

Puck immediately rushes to the edge of the urn and peers in as the altmer slips beneath the surface, his time glass tipped and held aloft.

Deaja mostly keeps her eyes on Puck, sometimes shifting her gaze to the Urn.

Tanglevine continues to stare into the water at the blonde head just beneath the surface.

Raní Dírení rolls 6, 11, 8, 11, 3, 6, for a total of 45.

Raní takes a moment, floating in the water motionless to center herself and begins the task of unlocking the manacles, methodically pulling a pick from her belt and sliding it along the metal of the lock, ears twitching at the reverberating tink of metal. She is soon greeted with a satisfying click and the manacles fall away. She catches the restraints and holds them up, out of the water, followed by her head of firey red hair breaking the surface. She smiles cheekily to Puck and lifts herself out of the urn.

Puck immediately offers Rani aid, helping to pull her from the water jar as soon as he sees her hands rise from the water holding the manacles. His face is complete expressive joy! “Excellently executed, Rani, and wiff a showman's touch in da reveal! One minute and fifteen seconds was ya time, tied wiff Aralmos!”

Raní offers Puck the restraints and wrings out her hair as she steps down from the block.

Again Althiira puts her hands together in a congratulatory applause for the victor - in this case, Rani. She grins from ear-to-ear, then waggles her brows at Relien before stepping forward, as though she's making to volunteer next in the exercise. Even so, her motions seem a bit stiffer than usual, the confidence not as easily worn as it usually is.

Puck smiles as he takes the dripping restraints from her, his eyes looking to Althiira and Relien.

Deaja relaxes some, letting out a long sigh as the Altmer moves off to the side.

Relien turns his gaze toward Althiira as she moves to step up, giving her a combined pat on the back and a teasing shove forward, content to let her go before him.

Puck nods as Althiira steps forward. "Please, Magista! Don't be shy" He holds out his hand to help her up beside him.

Raní begins the arduous process of trying to squeeze the water out of her clothing while it is still on her.

“Nice job, Reni," Aralmos offered with a smile.

"Shy? Me? Perish the thought." Althiira laughs, clambering up onto the crate with the help of Puck, taking the outstretched hand. Even so, there's a certain tightness around her eyes as she moves to accept the manacles from the man, peering down into the water. "I wait for your signal then, or?"


Seeming to notice a bit of the natural hesitation all but hidden in Althiira's expression, Puck merely says, "Wheneva you is ready, magista." Then, he gently touches her shoulder. "Don't worry. Me'n Deaja have ya back!" He nods with fervor. "Besides, you can do dis!"

Deaja readies herself with the hammer.

Althiira gives a grunt at Puck's encouragement, and abruptly she applies the manacles before disappearing into the water. It's all a bit of a scramble, but she does it deftly enough, her figure dropping below the top of the urn and disappearing from sight as she dunks her head below the surface.

Puck nods with reassurance at Deaja, observing the large Imperial with the great hammer at the ready.

Althiira Sagelock rolls 4, 5, 10, 4, 8, 10, for a total of 41.

It's obvious by the length of time it takes that Althiira is struggling more than the others did - there are bubbles upon the surface of the water, signs of her breath escaping, perhaps hints of panic. The pick trembles in her hands and she fights the sensation of feeling closed in - one that she particularly loathes - as she struggles to slip the pick home. Even so, eventually, there is a click, muffled by the water, and then she bursts out with a gasp, her fingers curling over the sides of the urn and her head wagging back and forth to fling water from her ruddy hair.

Puck internally flinches at the sight of the bubbles, but he makes himself put on a stern countenance for the others. Then, a smile explodes across his face at the sight of Althiira bursting forth from the water, victorious! “Well done, Magista! Well done! You did it just like me's told ya, and just like everyone 'ere knew ya would. Not bad time eiva, one minute and nineteen seconds!”

Climbing out of the urn, Althiira bops down from the crate and steps back to join Aralmos and Rani, undoing her hair such that she might wring more water from her locks. "Well. That was certainly -invigorating,-" she states. Her fingers tremble slightly.

Relien brings his hands together in a gentle clap, already starting to step up forward. "Well, no pressure."

Puck offers Relien a knowing grin as the man joins him on the crate. "careful, mate. The woods a bit wet and soaked frough."

Raní applauds lightly for the magister, smiling as she joins the dripping wet lockpicckers at the side "You did well, Althiira!" she nods.

Deaja smiles as Althiira exits the urn, nodding to her.

Puck gives the man a perfunctory nod. "Wheneva you is ready, Relien."

Aralmos says,"I have to say, I wasn't expecting to get wet today."

Deaja can't help but chuckle at Aralmos' comment.

"Me either.... " she Rani, shaking out her leg, water audibly sloshing in her book


Relien chuckles, taking a careful step up as he'd move to manacle himself, hopping up to slip most of his body into the urn, resting his shoulders on it to stay above water. "If I die, write a song about me - and make Althiira sing it." He'd say before dropping himself into the cold water.

Althiira laughs boisterously and the last remnants of whatever phobia the woman'd been fighting seem to trickle away. She nods at Rani as per the congratulations before focusing on the urn again, though she looks decidedly less concerned than she had been before - likely because Relien had already shown them his skill with lockpicks multiple times.

Deaja stands at the ready, hammer held firm in her grasp.

Relien Montrose rolls 9, 11, 15, 13, 10, 8, for a total of 66.

Relien keeps his eyes open as he enters the water, hands moving methodically as he'd remove the pick from his belt, carefully and nimbly shifting it in the water as he'd slot it into the lock, noticably moving a bit slower to take greater care with his work as he'd carefully turn the lock, the manacles slipping off and floating to the bottom as he'd haul himself up out of the water, letting in a deep breath as he frees himself.

Puck smiles broadly as he notes the time in which Relien emerges from the water, as he goes to help the man out. "Good show, mate. Good show indeed," he says with a grin, then to the others, he declares, "Less than a minute! Fifty four seconds in fact!"

Raní smiles, applauding a bit louder at the mans escape and his impressive time!

Deaja Valgan sighs heavily, lowering the hammer to the ground.

Relien takes Puck's hand, carefully lifting himself out of the water, his red locks soaked and dripping as he moves them out of his face, taking a step down to the ground.

Putting her hands together once more, Althiira grins widely as Relien emerges, looking unsurprised, but proud nevertheless. "A most informative lesson, Professor Puck," she says, seeming to enjoy the alliteration flowing off her tongue. "I think I've learned quite a bit from it!

Puck hops down from the crate smiling. "I am very glad to 'ear it, Magista!"

Deaja turns to the group, an evil smile crossing her lips as she takes the time to realize just how wet they all are.

Puck searches the faces of the others. "How do you all feel wiff da conclusion of ya first instructional on Lockpickin' den?"

Deaja leans the hammer against one of the urns.

Aralmos nods. "This was wonderful Puck, very well done."
Puck smiles at Aralmos and nods to his fellow bosmer.

Relien carefully begins to wring out the water from his hair, giving Puck a nod as he asked his question. "The feathers were evil, but otherwise, a worthwhile lesson."

Puck nods to Relien. "A necessary evil and one, I might add, dat you bravely faced!"

Raní nods "It was effective, efficient, and exciting. I will certainly return for the second installment." she smiles

Aralmos nods in agreement. "I can't wait for the next one."

Deaja’s eyes seems to... gravitate, towards a specific area on the Altmer. She keeps attempting to look away, but was to those around her, obviously ogling the Altmer.

“We 'as one last order of business before me closses da session.”

Raní does not seem to notices Deajas oogling as she looks to Puck, curoius about this closing item...

Puck grins at Relien as he reaches into his pack and retrieves a curious lockbox from his travel pack. Made of rubedite and hinged in brass, two decorative spike-like antlers made of brass jut from the lid, while a heart shaped gem sits in the center of the box’s front catching and throwing the ambient light like a winking eye or perhaps a twinkling star.

Relien raises an eyebrow at the box as it is drawn out, seemingly only now remembering the deal. "Oh, right."

Teasingly Althiira coos at Deaja, "Oh, just jump her already, dear." The Bosmer looks to Puck again, then, as he mentions further business, whatever might have been left of her teasing evaporating away. She laughs again as she realizes what it is, saying: "A prize well earned, no doubt. I bet you're glad for all those times you've been arrested now, eh?"

“Dis be me Nirn-famous Box of Irregularities, and as Mista Relien had da best time in da water jar to say little of da evil 'e endured at the hands of you lot and ya wicked tickling, he needs to reach his hand in and pull out somefing. Might be worfless. Might be worf a small fortune.”

Deaja Valgan lightly yips, her cheeks reddening heavily as she is finally able to drop her gaze from Rani.

Relien glances over to Althiira with a chuckle, stepping up towards the box. "All those times being arrested for 'running off with noble lasses' pays off, I suppose." He'd say, looking over hte box curiously.

Puck winks at Relien as he flicks open the lid of the small chest and holds it up for the man.


@Storymaster asks Relien Montrose to roll 1d20

Relien Montrose rolls 10

//Puck reveals to Relien Montrose privately that he has withdrawn [potent nirncrux] from the Box of Irregularities.//

Relien reaches out, sticking his hand into the box and grabbing the first thing he feels. He reaches back to pull his hand out of the box, noticing the red powder within the small bag he'd pulled out. "Huh." He'd seem mildly impressed, though primarily curious.

Puck *** his head to the side. "Oy! Ya's ended up wiff a bag of nirncrux, eh? Not bad, mate. Not bad a'tall. Can fetch a ripe price for dat on da markets or have a smiff craft you a dangerous weapon wiff it!"

Relien shifts the bag somewhat in his hand, lips splitting into a smile as he'd close it and keep it firmly in his hand. "Well then, a worthy prize indeed."

Puck puts away his fabled box with a smile. His gaze sweeps the others. "Me would like to fank you all for comin out an bein a part of me humble lesson. Means a lot to ole Puck." He claps Deaja on the shoulder. "An' tha' includes YOU as well. Seriously, me appreciates it."

“It was fun, Mr.Puck." Rani smiles warmly "Thank you for the lesson."

There's a flick of Althiira’s hands as she draws in a breath, casting another squint at the overcast sky. "Well done, everyone. I look forward to the next instructional, Mister Puck. As for myself - I think I'll be turning in for the evening." She gives a soft nod to the lot of them, before dipping into an elaborate bow. "And if you do wind up on the wrong side of the guard, at least I know you'll be able to undo the cuffs."

Deaja quickly nods to Puck, her voice low. "Of course."

Relien chuckles at Althiira's comment. "I believe /I/ will be finding a change of clothes." He'd say, glancing down to his soaked garments.

Puck says, “Goodnight, me friends. Ole Puck needs to see to a brief business before his own bedtime. And wiff dat, class is dismissed! Fank you all!”

Raní nods farewell to those dismissing themselves

Aralmos says,"Thank you Puck! Rest well."

Relien begins to shift off, already in the process of working his buckles and laces off.

Deaja turns, heading off rather slowly as she idly looks about.
Character Profiles:
Puck Tanglevine - Bosmer Nightblade
Cyron Kane - Imperial Dragonknight (Retired)
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