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TTC won't update

Not sure what the deal is, but today TTC client in-game keeps telling me to run the EXE because it's outdated, well, I do, then it still says the same thing. I even re-downloaded it and still the same.

I have been using TTC for quite a few months now, probably going on 8, so what's the deal?
Toon list:
Chip Ahoy: Magicka Templar khajiit WW healer and crafter of metals, clothes, leather and wood
Rose Scale: Magicka Nightblade argonian WW DPS and 'evil' toon (steals stuff from barrels)
Snip Ahoy: Stamina Dragonknight khajiit tank
Walks-Through-Corn: Magicka Templar argonian Vampire tank and also cooks food
Snowy Kitten: Magicka Sorcerer khajiit WW healer and also makes glyphs
Valerie Ahoy: Stamina Nightblade khajiit WW DPS
Giggles-At-Everything: Stamina Sorcerer argonian DPS
Mixes-With-Mud: Stamina Warden khajiit WW DPS and also mixes potions
Tyrenan: Magicka Warden khajiit healer
Always-Brings-Light: Magicka Dragonknight argonian DPS

Coop Ahoy: Stamina Templar khajiit WW DPS and is my story toon.
Shadow Ahoy: Magicka Nightblade khajiit Vampire healer.

Wishlist from ZOS: Chestnut Unicorn mount and the Lilmothiit race, would definitely pay 10K crowns or even 20K crowns for it.

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