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ESO server on PS4 keep dropping

Soul Shriven
So not only is it pretty much impossible to queue for randoms for this event now no one can even play any part of the game due to loss of connection to the server. From what I read it appears to be happening across platforms. So when exactly will this event be rescheduled? I think I've sat here longer waiting to queue in to randoms, and simply just trying to log back in to the game then I've actually played the game today.
  • Nelson_Rebel
    I've asked this same question all over the forums for 3 weeks straight now.

    I have yet to recieve a single response. Therefore my conclusion is they are ignoring it because not everyone is being affected by it so they don't really care about the lesser peasant customers who can't have access to Google fiber internet speeds
    Edited by Nelson_Rebel on December 8, 2017 1:45AM
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