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Ps4 Pro NA Internal error, error 303, etc...

PS4 Pro
Hardwired connection
NA server

Keep getting this for 20-30 minutes just trying to initially login to any character located in any zone, or even my personal home instances.

It happens every day and has been like this since ZOS did the roll back after the clockwork city update DLC pipline failure for load screens

I have restarted my ps4, I have turned my router off and back on, I have checked every other online game i have. ALL working 100% smoothly. Only ESO is having this problem. This is a frustrating Bug and harrassing experience when I have 1 day off in the week and I keep having to deal with this crap.

I have already posted in the thread for bug reports, I have submitted tickets, I have commented in the long Load screen thread and have YET to get a single customer service response. I pay for ESO plus, I buy crowns, I buy clown crates all to support the game and I seriously can't get 1 customer service response???...

So can we PLEASE get some acknowledgement and confirmation on when to expect a fix for this. @ZOS_GinaBruno
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