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[DISBANDED] PC-EU / Aeon Saeculum (Everything PvE)

A relatively fresh, but growing guild focused on PvE content, currently recruiting members.

Whether you want to organize a group for the hardest of trials/dungeons, or just struggling to find others with whom you can experience the PvE aspect of the game, you are welcome in the guild. The idea is that the guild is a meeting place for assembling groups for EVERY PvE content. The high level, experienced players can find each other just as new players trying normal dungeons.

Discord server is live, with separate rooms for Dungeons and Trials.

Weekly trial runs can be organized and are always welcome, just like socialising, but not obligatory.

Ranks are based on level, and member notes contain information about roles and classes, for easier group management.

You can join 1.under this post or 2.in-game @resdaynia00 @Dyon1s


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PC EU - Ebonheart Pact
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