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Unchained Passive not working Properly for Werewolves.

Customer Support Ticket: #171126-000729

Console: Xbox One

Server: NA (North American)

Incident: I am not sure whether it is a bug or not, but back before the Clockwork City console base Patch, I and many other players would benefit from the Unchained Passive in werewolf form, but now I caught on to a bug, one where the Unchained Champion Passive is not working when breaking free from a stun while in werewolf form when it is logically supposed to.

ZOS Q&A (just to get some preliminary questions out of the way.)
  • Do you have the proper amount of champion points allocated into the respective champion constellation? (Namely the Lady Constellation?)

    Yes, I have approximately 130 Champion points in the Lady Constellation.

  • Does it work fine outside of werewolf form?

    Yes it works just fine outside of werewolf form, the Unchained Champion Passive only seems to stop working as intended while in Werewolf form from which this bug may have just surfaced around roughly the same time the Clockwork city DLC Base Patch for Console came around.

Now here is the real question: Has anyone else on Console been experiencing this bug? if you Have, leave a comment here so that ZOS Staff may ponder as to how to correct this issue & push forward a fix for this in one of their console maintenance Schedules.
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