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LF Guild and friendly face's

Hey there i'm Areo, I'm an older gamer age 34, i'm from UK and i'm looking for a new home with friendly people, i'm a casual gamer and i play various of games that means i can not be on ESO all the time, i'm also a long term returning player, i do have discord.

I'm helpful when it comes to it, i'm mostly a solo player but sometimes that gets abit boring,

so if there is a guild that can help me out and offer a little corner for me to sit in, give me a whisper in game or on here

Many Thanks Areo

In game Name: @Are0 aka Areonin
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  • Areo

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  • Nervani
    You sound like a perfect fit for us in Casual Rascals :) We are casual and friendly and we do use discord. We host stuff like map runs, raffles, training trials, pledges and so one for those who want. Pretty much all you can think of :)

    Give me a holler if you're interested :)
    PC-EU/NA @Nervani (+17 other accounts)XB1-EU @Nervani4710instagram.com/nervanihq[The Lollipop Gang] - (PC-EU) Founder/Guildmaster[Crazy Elves] - (PC-EU) Founder[Casual Rascals] - (PC-EU, PC-NA, XBOX1-EU) Founder
  • Jiandao

    You might be interested in The Sewerjacks. We have a few members from the UK including myself. We are also a very friendly guild where we like to get to know each other and our Discord server is very chatty. We do a range of activities together, but we also acknowledge when a player wants to quest in peace.

    If you're interested, contact myself @Kodora79 or one of our officers @Beithe13, @Sioryn or @XFaZeD in game.

    Good hunting!

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