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After completing the Main Story?

From a lore perspective, after completing the Main Story (i.e. defeating Molag Bal and all that), must I then complete Cadwell's Silver and Cadwell's Gold before moving on to Orsinium?
  • dodgehopper_ESO
    I don't see why. Pay attention to what is going on with Cadwell's Silver and Gold. Those are potential or alternate timelines but aren't exactly seen as the 'real' timeline though it might very well be that Meridia is teasing out some kind of dragon break (read: Paradox) here.
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  • elias.stormneb18_ESO
    You don’t have to complete Cadwell’s Silver/Gold before going to Orsinium, although timeline-wise Orsinium does take place afterward. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Cadwell’s Silver and Gold are alternate timelines (and even if they are they’re equally ”real” as your main faction’s). Everything could very well be occuring in the same timeline, which makes additional sense if you consider One Tamriel. Meridia is definitely messing with time somehow, though.
  • Enodoc
    Meridia is definitely messing with time somehow, though.
    To echo @Abeille's reasoning (because it's still my favourite), Meridia's influence is like a Spinner's story. Your alliance is the true timeline that you experienced, but being present in the other alliances' storylines makes those events true too. This is how characters from other alliances recognise you in other zones but not during the Stirk story.
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