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Easy Peasy - Progressive PvE Raiding Guild

About Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy is an end-game raiding guild that was founded on 1st of July , 2017 . We currently have 25 members and want to grow some more . If you are looking for fun and relaxing raids , Easy Peasy is for you !

Our raid days are Tuesday , Thursday and Sunday . We focus on one trial and work hard on it until we get a decent score . We will be focusing on every single trial like this and get high scores one by one .
Here is our vMoL HM score run and No-Death achievement :


We are doing Hel Ra Citadel for 2 weeks and already got a decent score , 154365 . We are moving to Aetherian Archieve next . Hope we will get a nice score there as well ^^


We offer you a lot of fun raids and progress . We don't let stress overcome us and laugh even in the worst times of raiding . In the end , stress only makes things worse . Obviously , this doesn't mean we are not serious during raids . We require everyone to be focused and pay attention .


We use Discord for communication and you will be given information about server address once you are a member . We want everyone who will be raiding with us to have decent understanding of English and be able to speak when they need to .

Best in Slot items . We want our members to have decent understanding of their class and know what works best .

In terms of healing , we want our healers to have access to every support set they might need like Worm , Mending , Infallible Aether , Sanctuary etc.

For tanks , we want you to have all support sets in your inventory/bank ready . Being able to swap gear for different encounters are essential for tanks .

For every group member , it is required you to be able to call out mechanics if you are asked to . Tanks and healers should be able to notify other group members about anything important . Not only a decent understanding of English , we want you to speak .

For DDs , we will have a quick Target Dummy test . We do not have a certain number that you should reach . We mostly care about your performance in a trial . We require a Target Dummy test to see your rotation and get an idea about your DPS . In case it is too low for end-game content , you will be asked to increase your DPS and will be able to apply for DPS test later on .

Being able to join DLC/Expansion raids . Any core member needs to have access to every content .

How to apply

You can send an application on our website :

You can whisper/mail us in-game : @LiofaTR , @Lark82 , @Alestes832 , @Eliatu , @VizigothAlaric

Feel free to ask anything , we are happy to help !
Edited by Liofa on February 2, 2018 10:44PM
Liofa Daeron - Imperial DK PvE Tank / PvE Stamina DPS / PvP Stamina


Guild Master of Call of the Undaunted
  • Lark82
    We now also have decent scores in AA and Sanctum

    Aetherian Archive - 145085

    Sanctum Ophidia - 170759

    Working on Asylum Sanctorium right now and then we go on to Halls of Fabrication.

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