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[PC/NA] Evalion - A Progression Vet Trials Guild

Soul Shriven
Evalion is looking to grow its ranks.
Whisper @Apocryphfa if interested
  • Apocryphfa
    Soul Shriven

    Evalion is a growing progression vet trials guild aimed at hosting weekend raids.
    We are hoping to build and active and friendly community as a whole.

    For our open guild runs we’re looking for:
    CP 300 Minimum
    Damage Dealers with a minimum of 25k Single Target DPS (self buffed)
    Tanks with access to Torugs/Alkosh/Ebons
    Healers with SPC/Mending/Worm’s Cult
    Discord Required

    We’re also looking to grow and form a core team aimed at pushing each other to become the best players we can be.
    Core requirements will be higher than that of open guild runs and times have yet to be determined.
    As we continue to grow we will expand the amount of runs we do, but as of now the active schedule is posted below.

    If this sounds like the type of community you’d like to be a part of, send an in game message to @Apocryphfa @teivanni or @PatrickDragon for an invite.
    and leave a comment below

    You can also send any of us a message on our discord for an invite as well.

    Current Active Schedule:

    Fridays 8:30 PM EST
    Open Vet Trial Craglorn/Weekly

    Saturdays 8:30 PM EST
    Open Normal Coffer Runs(edited)
    Edited by Apocryphfa on November 23, 2017 8:59PM
  • iiJonno
    Soul Shriven
    can i get an invite please @iiJonno
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