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Official Discussion thread for "ESO Community Spotlight – Mary's Mannimarco Cosplay"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the ESO Community Spotlight – Mary's Mannimarco Cosplay blog article.

Few understand the mind of the necromancer known as Mannimarco, but costume designer and ESO-fan Mary has truly become the King of Worms with this incredible cosplay. Check out our latest ESO Community Spotlight where we ask Mary about her experience crafting this dark ensemble.
Jessica Folsom
Senior Community Manager (English) - The Elder Scrolls Online
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Staff Post
  • Arobain
    very nice
  • Jake1576
    This is cool :) but some more information on when loading screens will be fixed would also be nice maybe when the fix for them will go live on ps4 and xbox
    Edited by Jake1576 on November 20, 2017 11:53PM
  • Ashtaris
    Awesome cosplay. I really like the staging and background she used for the photo. About the only thing I would have added would have been some kind of ground fog effect :)
  • MarrazzMist
    Absolutely breathtaking! I even learned something about Mannimarco, when reading Mary's interpretation of him.
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