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Company of Heroes [RP Guild]

The wind picks up and blows debris about. You see a piece of parchment, about the size of a small flyer, caught within this turmoil. The wind tosses it around a bit, before flinging itself towards your direction, and lodging against your chest. Curious, you grasp it to prevent it from escaping. The wind dies down, allowing you to easily view the paper's contents.

Hear ye, hear ye to all peoples of Tamriel! From the high nosed Altmers, to the oft’ frog licked, dazed Bosmers, to the red-eyed, manipulative Dunmers; from the pride-bitten hog-faced Orsimers, to silver-spoon born Bretons, to emperor-less Imperials from the broken heartland; from the daunting Redguards who speak only of swords and where they can shove it, to dullard drunkard Nords; from the mischievous kleptomaniac Khajiit and the appendage erecting Argonians!

COMPANY OF HEROES is currently recruiting!

As Jora the First Hero once asked, “Do ye have what it takes t’be a hero?”

Company of Heroes is a role-playing guild, located in scenic PS4 NA server, where we gather all sorts of role-players, whom just desire to have fun and be a part of a role-playing community.

All role-players welcome!

Inexperienced RPer? Welcome!

Thespian RPer? Welcome!

Vampire and Werewolf RPer? Welcome!

A Rocky Horror Picture Show reciting argonian with a can-do attitude and a heart of gold RPer? WELCOME!

If you have the desire to role-play and have been searching to count yourself within a guild of role-players then the Company of Heroes is for you!

•We primarily use BAND to communicate, post notices, and roleplay. BAND is a way for groups to communicate easily. Joining the BAND group will be required. You can access it either with the app or browser.

•Anyone, regarless of platform, will be welcome to join our BAND. You can do so here: http://band.us/n/afaev46eZ5G8X

•We welcome all regardless of experience, from beginners to veterans, and all in between.

•This will not be your typical tavern-style RP. We have many plans for intricate, story-based missions for characters of all types to participate in together.

•We are seeking mature and respectful individuals. Age requirement - at least 17+

To join: You can contact me via my (PSN: Wolfsong-92) or join the BAND group.
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  • Wolfsong
    Mission Name: Hustle to Saintsport

    Summary: Hadri'A'Alma, a merchant of Port Stros M'Kai, beseeches any to retrieve her stolen daughter whom has been kidnapped. Hadri had, through terrible investments, indebted herself to a local gang know as the Pale-Iron Bandits. As collateral, they sent their enforcer, a mountain of an orc simply known as Argoor, to kidnap Hadri's daughter, Zahri'A'Alma, a flame dancer, and sell the young woman into slavery.
    Saintsport is where Argoor shall meet with the contact whom shall be able to facilitate the transaction.

    From several confident reports the pair were recently seen leaving Stros M'Kai just the evening prior. As of the listing, it shall take them a day to get to Saintsport.

    Do you have what it takes to stop Argoor from reaching Saintsport, and rescue the beautiful Zahri?

    Join Company of Heroes today!

  • naja_legiones
    Soul Shriven
    Hello I’m new and I’m on ps4 my account is Naja_legiones anyone who wants to friend me you can my settings are in public but yeah if you want me To join just invite me bye-bye
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