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Info on the Clockwork City Dailies (Apostle/Ebonshadow Motif)

Since I haven't seen much detailed information on the dailies and how they give rewards, I thought I'd make a small guide. It's possible a lot of people already know the information, but the information seemed to help some of my guildmates, and a few random players I've talked to, so I figured I'd post it here just in case. I do have some unconfirmed notse that I'll post in dark red. If you have more information on that, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I intend to keep some notes and get that information clarified.

There are four repeatable quest groups--all 4 are in the Brass Fortress to the north and northeast of the wayshrine. Only two are available from the start. The third is present, but won't give you quests right away, and the fourth doesn't show up at all (until you can take the quests).

There are two types of reward boxes you can get, which seem to correspond to the two styles.
The "Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffer" has a chance to give you Ebonshadow motif chapters.
The "Slag Town Coffer" has a chance to give you Apostle motif chapters.
As far as I know, you can only get those motifs from those specific coffers, and all quests that give those coffers have a chance at motifs. But, I plan on checking which quests I get motifs from to confirm that you can get them from any quest-giver.

Razgurug, the Slag Town "mayor", gives you one of six quests that have you gather specific node types in Clockwork city, and do a miscellaneous collection task (in various areas, including, the delves). He always gives Slag Town Coffers.

The Clockwork Facilitator can give you one of two quests for each of the world bosses (similar to the Kvatch Bounty Board).
Completing "A Fine-Feathered Foe" gives you a Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffer.
Completing "Inciting the Imperfect" gives you a Slag Town Coffer.

Novice Holli can give you one of six quests that send you to either of the two delves (3 possible quests for each delve). You can see her in the area, but she will not give you a quest until you complete one of the delves' side quests.
The quests that send you to the Halls of Regulation give you Slag Town Coffers.
The quests that send you to the Shadow Cleft give you Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffers.
Because of the content of the quests, I'm not sure if all quests are available from the start. Right now, I have an alt that has completed the Halls or Regulation side quest, but not the Shadow Cleft side quest. I plan on checking on the daily each day to see if she ever gets a Shadow Cleft daily, or only gets ones for Halls of Regulation.
On another note, Holli doesn't seem to switch delves every day.I'll also watch the quests to see if she has an order she gives the quests in.

Bursar of Tributes is a crow that doesn't show up until you complete the main CC quest "Lost in the Gloam" (the 5th one, according to the achievements).Once you do, he gives you item quests similar to "The Covetous Countess". All of his quests give Crow-Touched Clockwork Coffers.
For those that like to have the items on-hand, his quests ask for the following items:
  • Ornate Armor
  • Trash: Carapaces, Daedra Husks, Ectoplasm, Elemental Essence, Foul Hide, Supple Root
  • Treasures: Cosmetics, Dishes or Cookware, Drinkware, Dolls, Games, Grooming Items, Toys, Utensils

The full list of quests is available on UESP.

The last thing I can think of that would help would be share-ability.
It seems like all of the Clockwork Facilitator and Razgurug's quests are shareable.
Because of the issues above, I'm not sure how shareable Novice Holli's quests are, but I plan to look into the details, specifically:
- If you can share quests for delves you haven't completed
- If you can share quests for delves you have already completed for the day -- EX: Can you receive "Oiling the Fans" if you've completed "Changing the Filters" that day?

That's all I have for the moment. If there's any questions you have, or other aspects of the Daily quests that you'd like me to add, feel free to post a comment.
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