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My days of ESO are numbered. PLEASE HELP!!

HELP!!! Sony has decided that they no longer want my money. I have a US PSN account, I have a US credit card, which has a US address (my home of record), but I am currently living in Okinawa Japan.

Because I am physically located outside the United States, using a Japanese ISP, the PlayStation store will not allow me to pay for ANYTHING. ALL my transactions are blocked by SONY. I have spoken to Sony Customer Support, and there is no recourse. This means I can no longer pay for Play Station PLUS, ESO PLUS, Crown Store Crowns. This is VERY depressing.

Last Month (October) I was able to buy my last pack of Crown Store Crowns as a purchasae from, this option however seems to be no longer available.

Is there anything I can do?
  • Mickydanz
    use a VPN to change your IP
    Cropsford Mayor
  • MisterBastahrd
    Buy gift card codes on amazon. Use those to fund your PS account.
  • idk
    Thx me of those suggestions may work but, as I expect you understand, your issue is with Sony.

    You might try a good pe search as you may find other ideas.
    Really, idk
  • Rittings
    I'm a UK PSN holder in the United States - I have to use Paypal - maybe that's an option for you??

    Sony are very poor and backwards when it comes to the global market I'm afraid. They don't migrate accounts, and this is why my account is still affiliated to the UK PSN store. It's highly frustrating that I can NEVER use codes in games purchased in the USA.

    I had this issue with Morrowind... I pre-ordered and got nothing of the pre-order content because I got it from Gamestop and the codes didn't work... not even the Morrowind game code worked so I had to return it...
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