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Looking for an active trials, pledges and pvp guild


I don't like to be in 5 guilds because 1 of them only does PVP, the other 1 does only dungeons, etc. Starts to get very annoying, specially if I need to have some trading guilds + + private for banking. I'm looking for a guild in NA PC where they are doing everything, not just something. Please ignore my username on the forums, that was my ID ingame from beta-2015. Had a break and came back a couple of months ago. My ID ingame is now @inZaneRemi.

I'm experienced, (but rusty) when it comes to Aetherian Archive, Hel Ra Citadel and a little bit Sanctum Ophidia (quit a douple of weeks after the trial got implemented), and dungeons.

Please send me a mail if you guys are interested to oil the rust off me and make me whole again.

EU - Reminator Templar Heal Veteran 14 / Champion 140 (inactive march2014-june2015)
NA - Alpha Remi - Nightblade Stamina DPS Champion 810 (active June 2017 -present)


NA EP @AlphaRemi Active
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