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Looking for a small casual/lgbt friendly guild

Hiya all o/

As the title mentioned I'm looking for a small and friendly guild where everybody knows each other and are like a family.I'm a new-ish player but I started playing a year ago.

I never managed to level one character past 35 because I got bored playing alone and I had no idea what I was doing. I just can't keep playing one character and get bored quickly when playing solo(Turned out MMOs were meant to be played with groups......IKR,I was shocked too when I found out).

I wanted to learn more about the game,so I joined a guild but people there were too busy raiding and creating drama(or...err....being Elitist as the chat was full of it). When asked a question or asked for some help I would get laughed at or be told that it would be a waste of time trying to teach me(ehh...oh well).

It's been over a year since I got this game and I too want to learn about raids and end game contents(not a priority) but I just need a group to teach me. I have made like 50+ characters and went through the quests so many times that it became a chore after sometime and I lost all interest in playing. I'm a fast learner and pretty felxible with roles. I can play a Healer and DD.....and maybe Tank too if I get some advice coz I never Tanked in an MMO without the Holy Trinity system.

I'm also interested in trying out PvP(but it's not a priorty).

Thank You for reading. Have a Great Day ^_^

P.S - I'm not really interested in joining massive guilds or guillds where noone knows one another and filled with toxicity.Where people are more concerned with who can belittle more people than actually enjoying the game.

I'm sorry if I made any mistake somewhere in the post(English is not my first language).

Also Sorry for the long a$$ post.
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  • Kynigos
    No one?? :(:'(
    Thanks for atleast reading,I guess.
    Have a nice day.
  • Kurgle
    Hi Babi, drop me a message in game - @Kurgle - and we can have a chat.
  • Teek
    I am looking for such a guild too and I am pretty much in the same boat.
    I kept joining and leaving "social" guilds and all I found was the usual 15 people Level 50 CP 600+ playing together and the other 475 watching, being quiet and probably wondering how to ever get involved.
    I do know the games mechanics and I can assure you I "can play". I do NOT emphasize the "meta" and I do NOT play flavour of the month. I play what I want, the way I like, and nothing else.
    I love my Stamina builds and my approach to the Elder Scrolls Online is a little bit different (I think).
    After 20+ years of rushing through MMO's to play "competetive" endgame, I chose to take the slow approach. The world is simply too beautiful to rush through. I take my time, am an "immersive" player, I take every dialog, I complete every map, I play every storyline. Also I do "thiefing/assassination" days with my Stamblade, I do crafting, gathering and fishing (have two maxed out Clothiers, soon to have maxed out Blacksmith), and I refuse to "powerlevel" any of my characters. I become bored with playing only one character, so I do switch back and forth between multiple characters, at least one of each faction.

    I am NOT looking for a "we have 500 members, guildhouse with transmutation station and craftingstations - Trading guild". I already am in a very large (and very good) trading guild with the option to join the other 4 associated ones, should I need more slots to sell my goods. Also, I use the crafting stations in the world, and the transmutation station in Clockwork City, and I have no need for Target Dummies which are hands down the worst addition to the game, ever...

    I AM looking for people so simply play the game with. Laidback people who understand that I don't join voicecomms when I do questing. I do join Discord/Teamspeak/Whatever when I am in the mood for gathering/fishing/whatever, not in immersive mode, and for playing group content. But when I am questing, I enjoy the dialogs and the world. No need to listen to someones TV in the background...
    I am looking for people to run dungeons, public dungeons, worldbosses... all the content that I don't get to see because I want to do the quests in the dungeons and yes I am the one guy that stops and takes the dialog (and gets kicked because of it).

    So, this is what I am looking for, and if you think you can offer me a place to strech my legs and make me some friends, please contact me in game: @Teek1969 (I speak english and german)
    If you are recruiting for a massive guild, please don't contact me.

    cheers and thank you for reading,

    @BabiSA94 sorry for "highjacking", was not my intention. I just thought we both might be int he same boat :)
  • Nervani
    You guys sounds like a good fit for Casual Rascals :smiley: If interested, drop me a line ingame @Nervani
    PC-EU/NA @Nervani (+17 other accounts)XB1-EU @Nervani4710instagram.com/nervanihq[The Lollipop Gang] - (PC-EU) Founder/Guildmaster[Crazy Elves] - (PC-EU) Founder[Casual Rascals] - (PC-EU, PC-NA, XBOX1-EU) Founder
  • Aelorin
    Interesting. Been looking for such a guild on EU a long time myself. Looks lîke there really is one!

    This one is excited! I will drop you a line Nervani.
    And so the Elder Scrolls foretold.You will be shy, and I will be bold.
  • SeiSama
    hey, @Nervani, is your offer about joining the guild still stands? Does your guild RP?

    This one is interested in your offer!
  • Synthwavius
    I'd be also interested to join.
    Hit me up @synthwavve
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