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PC=NA - LF vMOL group

I play from Australia with aus hours. I've played this game for 2 years almost, on and off- and simply havent had the fortune of finding a guild to do it with- I've run it many times but hard to find a good group. I am an experienced player , stormproof on 8/10 classes (still levelling my warden) - flawless on a few of em too.
Looking for other highly skilled players , experienced players , who also want the achievement- but who already know the mechanics. I've done the dungeon many a time- gotten to final boss, watched videos 100's of times, looking for others who are in the same boat or even players who have done it- especially those, and who want to help others get it.

anyway- shoot me a mail here or in game - and maybe we can start a small group and do this thing - @makore
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