Unable to login still after CWC

Haven't been able to login since the CWC update.

I've done what the customer support says about erasing the user data and shutting down the Xbox. I've tried reinstalling the game. I've tried logging into both Na and Eu. Nothing.

I'm about to hard reset the Xbox even though I know that won't do anything just because I'm out of options I can think of. I appreciate any input if anyone else has fixed this problem.

And is this still a big problem? I know the game has a lot login/crashing issues but I thought the CWC bug would be fixed by now.
    I was able to log in and play until today. I lost guild chat 1 and had to reset so I could get it back but after I did I wasn't able to get back in. My game freezes at the start screen. I've hard reset, deleted saved data on console and I even deleted everything and re downloads but nothing has worked! Please help
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