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Help with RP character backstory--Lore check!

Ok, so, I'm slowly plotting out a basic backstory for my Dunmer dragonknight, and while I've played both Oblivion and Skyrim (and need to play through Morrowind if I ever have more than an hour free time per day, heh), I'm far from familiar or comfortable with the lore of this setting as opposed to, say, WoW or Everquest. There's just so much, and such a huge history and timeline compared to (most) other MMOs and games I've RP'ed in.

Anyway, I'm fiddling with the idea of my dragonknight having started his life as a run-of-the-mill scout and hunter from Deshaan, busy supplying the Ebonheart Pact with hides, meat, and occasionally helping on the home front as needed. However, after the quarantine at Serkamora (and if this is feasible, Lore-wise), I want to have him pledge service to House Redoran and begin his training in earnest as a "hero of the Ebonheart" (and thus, going off on all those adventures across Tamriel, etc). I was thinking that his motivation may be he lost some family the Llodos plague, and now has a personal vendetta against the Maulborn/Magistrate Vox, as well as the Daggerfall Covenant, the Worm Cult, and all the other enemies vying for a piece of his homeland.

Personality-wise, I'm aiming for him to be somewhat less caustic than most Dunmer, largely disinterested in clinging to the past for the sake of the past, and ready to make alliances as needed to secure the future of his people and the Ebonheart Pact--meaning, he wouldn't really give a damn if you were a former Argonian slave, an exiled Redguard mercenary hired by the Pact, or a Khajiit smuggler selling goods to the soldiers in Morrowind for a profit so long as you are on their side.

Opinions or nitpicks are welcome, as I'm still getting a handle on all this :)

Also, if anyone can give some basic insight as to what life might have been like the prior 30-odd years for a relatively "normal" elf, it would be very helpful in fleshing out his youth. Thanks in advance.
  • dodgehopper_ESO
    I'm not an RP guy but I'm going to respond to this because I enjoy paying attention to game story and I like keeping up with the lore/story of the series. This sounds a bit like fan fiction you're working on. My first thought about your character is whether they fought off the Akaviri invasion. Who or what were they before the war (which was 2nd Era 572)? The year 579 is the year of the soulburst.

    Being from the Serk there are a lot of House Dres people who are staunch traditionalists, farmers, and slavers. House Redoran are traditionalists and warriors on the large. Ashlanders are outcasts to normal society. Being open-minded isn't common among these two groups but not impossible. I would say strong service in the Akaviri war as a scout would logically explain why a Dunmer commoner could rise to higher station and become a House Redoran retainer. I just suggest you look at the backdrop and run with it.

    I actually think about a general personality/backstory for my characters in a game like this because it drives my response to choices in the storyline. This is why I totally understand where you're coming from and it certainly adds to the immersion and interest of the story. My Imperial Templar was built with the concept of an officer in the Imperial Army in mind. He means well, believes in the Empire but not what it became with Mannimarco's betrayal. He's open to other cultures but staunchly against Daedra in all their sneaky forms. He's at times brutal because war isn't pretty but not without some level of compassion. The story choices in the game don't always fit what you want them to be (I wish for a third option many times) but it does drive a general gameplay theme. I recommend if you care about the lore and such things you should check out some of the sites out there with appropriate timelines and backstory.
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  • Ratzkifal
    Additionally to what dodgehopper mentioned, you should consider the age of your Dunmer. Like all the elven races, Dunmer live much longer than humans, so you should really think about a life before the pact and akaviri invasion unless your character is still very young.
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  • Rajeeri
    Thanks all--I planned on his scouting and hunting years (supplying Morrowind's defense) during the last Akaviri invasion :)
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