Game unplayable since the CWC (PS4 EU)


When will you solve the different problems of your game?
- infinite loadings anywhere ... => forced to reboot the game
- massive lag in all the dungeons and raids
- DLC dungeons not available with eso + (now you have to buy them in addition to being subscribed ???)
- guild chat that disappears when you go on it
- completely unplayable pvp

It might be time to react no? Or at least having:
1 - the decency to give your community news about the deployment of a future patch
2 - to tell your stupid technical support that it is useless to open its ports, delete the backup

Do you test your game before deploying a MAJ or are you incompetent at this point?
2000 crown disguise will improve the stability of your servers?

Seriously !!

Last, as an eso +, since I pay a subscription and can not take advantage of this service will I get compensation?


ps : sorry i am french and my english is poor
zenimax, FIX THE GAME
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