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[Character development] Why would a Bosmer choose to worship Namira over Hircine or Y'ffre?

Introduction to my problem
Recently I have been trying to give my Bosmer lass a bit of character development.
Since I like being a special snowflake she would -of course- not worship Y'ffre or honor the Green Pact.
I wanted to go a bit (a lot) into the creepy and have her be a cannibal not out of religious duty but for the fun of it.
For her religious beliefs Namira was the first to come to mind of course, but I soon realized that Hircine would fit just as well for that.
Furthermore has he a strongly established cult in Valenwood.
Personally I do prefer Namira still, but from a lore standpoint I need a justification or excuse as to why she would follow Namira and none of the above.

Which brings me to my question. Does anyone here got an idea for why Namira would be worshipped by a Bosmer over Hircine?

A little bit of context I gathered about the two daedra:
The main difference between the two in regard to cannibalism is their attitude.
A Hircine worshipper would put the hunt as the most important aspect of the experience, while a Namira worshipper would choose the actual meal.
Hircine likes to give his prey a chance to escape, Namira doesn't.
One of Namira's aspects is being repulsive, which cannibalism isn't to most Bosmer on default. (Something I should have considered way earlier).
For Hircine, the feast after the hunt is the prize while for Namira the feast is about giving death a purpose and breaking a tabboo.
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This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.

Best Answer

  • Ratzkifal
    @Bladerunner1 Good point! That already helped a lot. I didn't even consider that she picked up her religion from outside of Valenwood. I'll probably have her be an outsider returning to the homeland of her people and bringing her faith with her.
    That still leaves me with the question of how she found to Namira in the first place, but at least it resolves the Hircine-Y'ffre dilemma.
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • Brittany_Joy
    Maybe she has keen senses for the *mystery meat* and enjoyed the delightful aroma that emitted from Namira cultists who immigrated to bosmer land to seek new delights of the delicious flesh that Bosmer religiously indulge in. Perhaps the seek of new recipes or criminal impunity for cannibalism, that is traditionally acceptable in bosmer land. The travelibg Namira cultists could be like chefs who travel abroad to hone their culinary skills.
    Edited by Brittany_Joy on December 19, 2017 3:27PM
  • SujammaAndFlin
    Well, there were a number of Sloads who were Namira worshippers. Maybe she was raised/trained by a Sload? Also the coven of Namira are known cannibals, and I know Bosmer eat their dead to let their soul pass to the afterlife. Maybe she got carried away. ;0
    Keep your CHIM up!
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