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The Slaughtered Skeever (NA-PC. Heavy RP)

About The Slaughtered Skeever

A place for the twisted and morbid characters to call home. This guild is known to run a mercenary company while also owning a side business, a tavern. The tavern, The Slaughtered Skeever, seems like a normal place at first glance as does the guild. But once you look past their cover up that is where things get questionable. Members of this guild aren't what they seem. Taking a much closer look would expose them of their afflicted nature with different strains of Lycanthropy and even Vampirism. It doesn't stop there. Other members take part in Daedric worships and even cannibalism. This group's main purpose is to serve as a safehaven for the misfits of society. For those who don't quite fit in anywhere else. Secrecy plays a big part in their day to day lives.


Morbid secrets aside; The Slaughtered Skeever holds a legitimate mercenary business when they aren't lurking the shadows. While most of the members seem like sellswords, not all of them are. Some of their members fight with the sword of knowledge and wisdom. The mercenary group does a variety of jobs, some of which include hunting down feral beasts or even finding a special artifact lost deep within a ruin. Besides their vigorous training the group holds a wide variety of competitions to stay in top shape. Some of these competitions include; boxing, skeever throwing, duels, and even getting down and dirty in some mud all for that promise of dunking their competition's head in it.

Slaughtered Skeever Tavern & Inn
The Slaughtered Skeever's Tavern & Inn is a place where all sorts of people crowd. From the occasional sellsword to the hungry Vampire. This Tavern & Inn is rumored to have a secret menu for the afflicted. Those that know about the rumored menu simply speak a few words and they gain access to items on the menu. And of course to keep up their image they do serve normal food and drink for the non-afflicted. The Tavern offers an Inn for any weary traveler to rest their head. But no worries! No one has gone missing from their Inn Room. At least from what they know.

OOC Info

This guild is very open to afflicted characters and chaotic personalities. 18+ themes will be taking place within the guild but will not be publically displayed. Each member of this guild is to respect other players and to always ask for consent. The guild is fully aware of Tamriel's view of afflicted characters and daedric worshippers. We do not accept characters who openly roleplay as a vampire or any were creature. Secrecy is a must. Future events will include tavern nights and hosted events that will range from skeever racing , to fighting in mud pits for prizes.

What we offer

*Roleplay is our focus. Content comes second, but we work to weave the game play into our roleplay when possible.
*Daily jobs and events to attend.
*New and old roleplayers alike are welcomed to join us.
*Juicy guild plots for all to take part in.
*Creative competitions on our tavern nights.
*A foundation for members to build their characters and help them grow.
*Freshly cooked Skeever Tail. Don't knock it till you try it.

Requirements for joining.

You must be 18 years of age or older.
Your character must fit into the lore of Elder Scrolls. Meaning no god modding toons, overpowered characters, or anything that is deemed as lore-breaking.
Must not RP your characters affliction openly. Secrecy is a must.
Treat everyone with respect. Our members come from all walks of life. Bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated.
Be a team player. Activity keeps this guild alive.
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