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[HEAVY RP GUILD - PC EU] Nightfall Dominion

-:Nightfall Dominion:-


"The war had been grinded to an halt in but the blink of an eye, The Vestige that everyone spoke so much about, had laid waste to Molag Bal's efforts to claim this world for himself.
If he only knew what relief he brought.. even to those he'd call his enemies.
We are not so different from the mortals, we fight, we kill, we love.. yet our lives ended long ago..

I were never given the chance you are given now, to stand where you stand, and have the power to descide if you're to live or die... no my choice were discarded, I was left behind with his venom, burning in my veins and to feel life be taken from me in the slowest, horrible agony I ever thought possible.
My parents were taken from me, my world, was taken from me...
But you.. you are special. You stand with a straight back, a fearless brow and yet you long for what I have to offer you...

Strange.. what a man can choose when being offered power at the expense of innocence.

I hunted for two centuries for the man who made me yet only to find nothing but the footprints of his path, as if I was just walking in circles, chasing a ghost.
I slayed hundreds of my own kind in vengeance for what was taken for me... yet it only brought me closer to becoming what he was.

Had it not been for my new father, I would never have turned away from that path.. I would've hunted, I would've killed, to satisfy my thirst for blood and my hunger for death..
He convinced me there are better paths to achieve what I want, that there are power in patience and conviction, if I only claimed it.
Fortunately for you... I listened.

So what will it be, fledgeling... death or immortality?"

Thank you for checking out our guild advertisement and I hope you enjoyed the prologue to what may become your next step in your adventures in Tamriel.

Following information can also be found here: https://nightfalldominion.enjin.com
You are also able to contact us in-game at the following:

The Nightfall Dominion is the initiative of experianced Roleplayers and TESO gamers who make their home on the European Megaserver. We RP on a daily basis and we strive heavily for character progression and storytelling. While our Guild have a tendancy to focus heavily on military RP we do not limit ourselves as we do everything we want too. Under a solid leadership and officer group you can be sure to find supportive comrades with both lore questions, creation and advancement of characters no matter who you are. As part of the Nightfallen you are our top priority.

Who is welcome?
The Nightfall Dominion does not discriminate because of a bad reputation, we strongly believe that every human being is diserving of a second chance and we will continue to give them to those who show exceptional will to change and learn how to adapt and "survive" within a RP community, we are fully aware of how such a struggle can be when a mindset is different then the majority of an community but we believe that adversity is what creates personal development, and as such we will never shun any new RPer to our RP scene.
We assist to develop the best kind of character that you wish to have with sources for lore and help in how-to get a plausible character in accordance to TES lore and timeline within what -YOU- want, and as you create the character, so are you the only one who can descide his fate in the ultimate outcomes of poor descisions or event escalations.
No character is ever killed off without -YOUR- approval and this goes for any character we encounter from outside the guild aswell.

How serious is the Nightfall Dominion about RP?
The answer is, -very-
Nightfall Dominion are in every way a Heavy-RP guild originated on the EU server of ESO, we spend next to every hour online, either in RP or talking about RP.
Our events are held every week regardless of how many who shows up for them, this is simply because we love what we are doing and do not force our activity to be the same as our creativity.
We hold multiple events per week and we regurlarly re-visit some of our more casual situations such as the "Cruel Heart Tavern" for the regurlar Masquerade RP as we like to venture outside the Sanctum as much as possible.

The Nightfall Dominion's Home is known as Sanctum.
Sanctum, is not a -one location- its the -current- hold up for the powerbase and this changes in accordance to necessity.
The Sanctum can be moved -if- the Masquerade has been broken too many times that enemy discovery of our home becomes possible, or if conflict with other supernatural Coven's become too close to home.
Or, however unlikely, it is that the Sanctum is destroyed.
Point is, the Sanctum is wherever the Nightfall Dominion calls home.
Right now, @MrPumba's "Forsaken Stronghold" serves as the centre of operations for the Nightfallen's attempt to regain their foothold in Nirn and @MrPumba's "Earthtear Cavern" serves as its undercroft, Hosting the dread Deathwatch Arena where supernaturals and mortals alike, test their might in attempt to impress the Nightfall Court.

Upper Sanctum

Lower Sanctum

Code of Conduct
The Nightfall Dominion have subscribed to the same set of rules as the Stormhaven RP community exist by but first and foremost, our biggest and most concerning rule as of late, is the rule against prejudice.
As we do not wish to be judged by the larger community for being Supernatural RPers that they may have bad experiance with, we do not wish to be suffering the same treatment when we've not actually earned it for ourselves.
We do not ignore other players, regardless of how annoying their players might be as our RP scene is restricted and confined to locations where those characters are sure to hang out at.
Therefore, we do -NOT- act with prejudice towards other players.
We do our outmost to set an good example, live as we preach.

Immersion is great, this means that under no circumstance is -Trolling- considered acceptable behavior from either the larger community or by our members, if one resorts to this one will most likely be removed, permanently from our Guild.

When interacting with other players, act with a sense of "Benefit of the doubt" that -that- person knows the extent of his characters abilities, we do not jump down their throats the moment they do something that -we- consider strange or uncharacteristicly wierd, we instead ask them for clarification in PM's or wait untill the interaction is over.
If anything seems so out of line that you must speak of it, take screenshots, involve a third party from the community or the ND guild and we'll get to the bottom of it and find a resolution all parties can agree too.

When emote fighting, show respect, do not use emotes to dictate the intent of your opponents or insult the recipient of your attacks, this is a game, not a ***-measuring competition.
If a fight is so unfairly matched up, remember, fighting is rarely fair, the winner of battle is the only one who could complain if his opponents lay dead, Dishonorable actions can only be proven by the defeated, hense its rendered moot.
If you lose in combat, stay classy, we do not need drama because you got in over your head, not -every- character is created equally.

What we do
Nightfall Dominion focuses on dark, terrifying horror events along with grand scale war campaigns that stretches out over several months of continued RP, Weekly progression on the story arc's that lead to investigation, Accumilation of forces and securing treacherous alliances between Werebeasts, Vampires, Humans and Mer all over the map.
Our war on the world is not for everyone, Therefor we supply everyday RP with more civilian inspired interaction and together with our friends in the Gray Vanguard, We host cooperative events of mystery and grand Masquerade balls where one can literally mingle with the wolves.

Of course we are supernaturals, And with that comes the occational death by the hands of the Heroes of Tamriel, The -Hunters- who work night and day trying to dissolve our unions and expose our natures to the world, But evil has many forms and it may not always be the bad ones who die at the hands of fortune seekers, As such we also wage a secret war with the Hunters, Life and Death always has a tendancy to border with a thin line amongst the Nightfallen.

We also heavily focus on supplying the kind of interaction that our members crave, If ideas and suggestions pop up, We work tirelessly with our officers and members alike to create the best events possible.
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    -- We are still around, and still welcoming recruits today, if anyone is interested we also have our information on the ESO RP community forums --
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