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[PC][EU] The Mercenary's Grin

Soul Shriven
On a cold night, riding on your horse through a pine forest near the border of Cyrodiil. You hear the crackling of a stick being stepped on in the distance, but not that far. You stop your horse and look around to see if there is a danger, but the fog is too thick to see.

You get off your horse and loudly say with a demanding voice “Who’s there! Show yourself!”

You can’t hear anything but the sound of your own breathing and the wind blowing through the trees. Suddenly you hear the release of an arrow and it flies by the side of your head, slightly cutting your ear and thumbing into the tree. As you take cover behind your horse you hear another horse run off in the distance, you notice a letter on the arrow stuck in the tree. Carefully you remove the letter and read it.

The Mercenary's Grin is hereby requesting your presence in our guild. We are recruiting new and veteran fighters all over Tamriel to join our rank! We are a small social guild that focuses on building strong bonds with each other. Join our Discord server and meet the rest of the misfits and miscreants.

Comment your userID or mail me, @caibravetide, in-game.
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