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Ashlanders and the Classes

I've been thinking about making an Ashlander type character to play as, but couldn't decide on what class he should be. For a magicka Ashlander, Warden sounds like a (no pun intended) cool choice, but for a stamina one, DK sounds like a good choice to me. (I obviously haven't decided if I should make a mag or stam char yet.) Thoughts?
CP 1125
Veric Blackwood - Breton Magsorc DC
Xhiak-Qua'cthurus - Argonian Frost Warden EP
Kujata-qa - Khajiit Magplar AD
Suunleth-dar - Khajiit Stamblade AD
Teldryn Antharys - Dunmer Flame DK EP
Strikes-With-Venom - Argonian Poison DK EP
Rur'san-ra - Khajiit WW Stamsorc AD
Ilianos Solinar - Altmer Stamplar AD
Iscah Silver-Heart - Reachman Magden DC
  • VaranisArano
    An Ashlander would take to the fire/lava aspects of a dragonknight very nicely, or the Vvardefell flora/fauna part of Wardens.
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