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Looking For PvE Guild

Soul Shriven
Currently CP 715
I am looking for a PvE Guild that regularly does end game PvE content such as vMoL, vHoF, and vAS. I am willing to learn new strategies and builds according to the group's needs!
I have completed vMoL and vAS as well as all vet Craglorn trials on HM.
I have the following characters geared for the current patch and parsed:

Mag nb (ranged) : 39.9k
Mag Sorc : 38k
Stam nb: 35k
Stam DK: 30K
(All of these parses can be done again upon request)
In addition to these characters, I have parsed 35k+ on Mag DK and Mag Templar in previous patches.
At the moment I am unavailable to run in raids on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Feel free to message me in game @HelixBW, or post down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can
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  • Corphious
    Hello, Grand_Jury!
    We haven't started doing these just yet, but I feel we are getting quite close to starting. If you are still looking for a guild, take a look at Damage Inc’s recruitment post) is a multi-gaming community that caters to many needs. We are rebuilding our guild within Elder Scrolls. Take a look at our recruitment page and you can reply to the post, send me a forum message or send me (@toxicenigma) an in-game friend invite (with a small note of where you found us) and we can get you started on a guild invite.
    We do try to run multiple other events throughout the week in preparation for working toward endgame content.
    “I bet if you spoke your mind you’d be speechless.”
    PC - NA
    Damage Incorporated
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