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Loking for team on eu server/ day1 eso player

hi im back to eso after 3 month not played need new Team For Vet Trials on Xbox Eu server
im do all trial Except { Vet mol+VHOF } Still not complete i have Dps Magc + Stam Mele + Heler all do trials werh best builds
inv me >> my GT: Nexus Emperor
.regards :smile:
Edited by Nexus_Emperor on October 30, 2017 2:51AM
XboX ESO Gamer EU Server : GT : Nexus Emperor
14 Character TANK-DPS-Helar +970cp ..
DPS Magc+Stam Sorc & Magc Warden + My best healer Templar +Mag Necro & Stam
Master Craft Massage me If u need help craft

Na server 500cp rn
New Account on PC Eu server cp160
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