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DK Power Lash and Volatile Armor appear to be bugged

So i noticed last night that inside a resource tower for example, I would Talon and Whip someone for "Off Balance" and then It simply wouldn't let me Power would start the animation and then stop over and over and i was unable to use Flame Lash again until it expired. It also seems you can't Power Lash anymore unless the ground you are on is completely flat....if this isn't going to be fixed then I guess i'll have to start using Molten Whip, atleast it works 100% of the time.

Volatile Armor is the same way, it sometimes won't let you cast it in narrow hall ways or inside resource towers.

@ZOS_Wrobel could you folks take a look at this? Thanks
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  • WillhelmBlack
    You sometimes cannot cast anything near a wall. That's a new feature.

    And Lash has been like that for a while, it's especially bad in PvE. It's like it just doesn't know what to do when you get a proc.
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  • ak_pvp
    I have has an issue with powerlash for a long time in PvE. Its super unresponsive especially with weaves IMO. I'd press it and it'd just now work. FTR weaving with pulse worked, weaving with jabs on my templar worked. So its not just me.

    Throws me all out of whack.
    Edited by ak_pvp on October 30, 2017 9:00AM
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  • ZeroC
    flame lash / power lash is buggy on pc... sometimes it's not a problem of the ground. i saw it on npcs, adds, trash, bosses, skelleton and other players. it bugs in pve and pvp on flat and non-flat ground for many, many weeks. i tested it with old an new hardware and always the same problem...

    you can test it realy good on skelleton, where you stay all time on the same position. use a lighning staff with blockade for off balance, hold it active and only use flame lash/power lash for killing it. many times power lash works fine and then, power lash gets active because of off balance, you wanna use the skill and nothing happens. your character only stands in front of skelleton, boss, npc, player,... and does nothing.. until this buggy power lash expires you only can do LAs and HAs. all skills on both bars are blocked until the cd of the buggy power lash...

    i know many guys having the same problem...
    Edited by ZeroC on December 20, 2017 11:59AM
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  • DKsUnite
    the volatile buff applies and it costs you resources just no visual animation. It's really annoying when you dont use buff trackers and rely on visuals >.>
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  • Ragnarock41
    Volatile armor doesn't work when there is an enemy behind a nearby wall.
    Which makes it impossible to use in towers. Does not refund the cost either.
  • Lexxypwns
    Was it against people using damage shields? Since you can’t proc statuses on damage shieldsif someone is off-balance and you have the power lash proc and then they use a damage skill it locks you out of lash
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  • ak_pvp
    Lexxypwns wrote: »
    Was it against people using damage shields? Since you can’t proc statuses on damage shieldsif someone is off-balance and you have the power lash proc and then they use a damage skill it locks you out of lash

    That is only the RNG status effects proced from attacks passively, such as burning from fire. It shouldn't, and inn my experience doesn't effect the talons>whip combo
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