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VMA Class Discussion

Hey all,

Looking for a bit of advice on VMA. I’m determined to work through this dungeon, the furthest I’ve made it is stage 5...

I’m interested in clearing on a magicka class. I don’t have a sorc which I know is probably the easiest clear. I’ve got magicka warden, Templar, and night blade.

I’m CP 530, and have all epic gear with yellow weps. I don’t have the elite sets like moon dancer, infall, etc. I have mosy craftable, or 4 man farmable gear (grothdaar, molag, illambris), etc...

Can anyone that is more experienced than me give me some recommendations as to which class I should try to do this on, as well as recommend some gear setups that will post good enough numbers to get me through?

  • SirAndy
    I was going to say Pet Sorc with lightning skills and weapons ...

    Sorry, can't help you much, i have little experience with magicka Warden, Templar or Nightblade.
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  • VaranisArano
    I would strongly advise checking out @Joy_Division's guide to Maelstrom Arena

    She's got a good run-down of the arenas with suggestions for adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of the different classes. Once you have an idea of what you want to try, then start looking for maelstrom builds.
  • jkloza
    Thanks, I’ve read through it! It seems like a good time to start the arena because do’s is much higher nowadays. I’m still stuck on my class choice. I know that sorc would be easiest but I do t want to roll up another class just for arena..
  • mobicera
    I personally found magblade to be the easiest to clear vma with, it's also my go to class for soloing vet dungeons (not dlc I'm not that good..) or for pugging vet dungeons. I hear many think Sorc is easier but to me it's magblade any day. I first did it with just juli willpower 1 Kena and 2 torugs pact only weapons gold. So easy to get gear...
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