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[pc-eu] Looking for a first, cosy and immersive guild

Soul Shriven

I'm quite new in ESO (played and RP'ed in lotro and WoW before), and sadly, still a bit of a noob :expressionless:
After some failed characters with no real background, few weeks ago I made my first character with a real attempt to creat proper ESO background.

(posted the background in fiction/RP forum, here:

To make it short, Madeleine Clayre is a breton mecernary, from a family that resented the covenant and fought under the banner of king Ransar and of course, lost.
Madelleine is the last of her line, now gone mercenary and more or less lending her blade to Dominion (though she could work for other forces that fight against Emeric and his hated redguard allies - as long they are not some kind of dark force related to vampires or molag bal, ofc).

Build: a templar using nearly 100% magicka based attacks (spear and dawn) and some healing. 4 light armor pieces and 3 heavy for protection. using a 1-h and shield for extra survival. Very interested in craft (also backed in her story) and likes pretty things, though in her current state she owns very few of them.

Would like to try a first guild - prefering a smaller, cosy one, with a bit of lore immersion if possible.
(and one that would tolerate mistakes, as im still new around).

thanks :-)
  • Amnastaria
    Soul Shriven
    P.S: My character's name ingame is Madalleine, if anyone wish to pm me. (or via username: Amnastaria)
  • Cyn_v84
    Hi there! Check out The Reborn!
    Even though we are currently on a recruitment hold, for such a nice application I definitly make an exception. We can be found here on the forum, but since I am at work, I cannot contact you ingame till tomorrowmorning....

    Grtz, Cyn
  • Streega
    If you prefer smaller guild, check House Tertia:
    Our priority is to have mature and (noob)friendly group of people who know and help each other, so we never exceed 150 members.
    Many of our characters have interesting backgrounds, and we have light-RP events sometimes.

    I hope we meet one day - you can contact me in game @Streega, or @yunfangoldhag, my Senior Officer.

    Anyway, welcome to Tamriel :)
    ⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃ Don't-Care-Bear ⊂( ̄(工) ̄)⊃
    PC EU "House Tertia" - Friendly Guild for Mature Folks (
    PC EU "Priests of Hircine" - Awesome Guild for Friendly Werewolves (free bites!)
    Member of "Guild Masters United"
    Master Angler
  • Amnastaria
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the replies :)
    will try to seek them, later tonight or tomorrow :-)
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