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Can someone help me craft a staff?

I'm a dps sorcerer and I'm cp100. I need some help! I only have woodworking rank 10.. I just want to get to cp160 as fast as possible. Bit that's not what I'm asking. Not what's the fastest way to level up my woodworking rank. But I need help from someone to craft me a good staff. A lightning staff one with sharpened trait and weapon/spell damage enchantment. And one lightning staff with charged trait and crushed enchantment. Another question for someone... how can I get gold gear/weapons? I only got purp gear. But I never even obtained any gold armor or staff... I know the improvement item is really expensive.. But how can you get one ?? I really appreciate your for helping me out!! You're my hero!

Many thanks -Drizzle

Best Answer

  • Hippie4927
    It would help for people to know what server and platform you are on.

    You get gold armor and weapons by improving your gear. I wouldn't advise doing that until you are CP160.
  • Apache_Kid
    What server/platform are you on? If it is Xbox NA i can help you.
  • Drizzlee
    sorry for the delayed comment. im on eso eu pc
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