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PC EU LF1M Tank for End Game Raiding

Hey all,

What we are looking for?

We as a guild are currently seeking a new Tank for our group. We are looking for someone who is able to raid 2x a week Sundays 18:15-20:00 GMT (Subject to change to 19:15-22:00 GMT in future) and Fridays 19:15-22:00 GMT. We are also looking for someone who is:

-Experienced when it comes to trials including HM, but not necessarily have cleared ALL. We say this because your individual performance may not have been the contributing factor in not successfully completing all HM Trials, could have been through lack of group progress of earlier guilds you were in.
- Reliable
- Committed/Loyal
- Organised and pro active in your approach to raiding, Thinking about your builds, gear set ups for differing situations and generally being creative in the way you may deal with certain boss encounters. Above all taking the time and effort to adjust your role as Tank where necessary without need of consultation.
- Communication and friendly positive approach. Most importantly we are looking for someone who will fit within our group. Someone who is positive and eager to try again, communicate with the other tank and make appropriate calls and signals together to have a good working relationship and to have fun!
- Flexible/Adaptable When it comes to builds, gear, tactics set upon you by the raid lead.

Why us?

We as a guild are called The Phoenix Reborn. We raid only under one group. Most of us are experienced when it comes to raiding in the past and some not. But we do what we can to teach and improve people and integrate them into our raid because to be frank end game raiding as a whole could do with more eager raiders.

We have completed all HM trials to date with our group and in past with other groups as individuals throughout the years. But for now our aims are to focus on the new trial and clear HM consistently. We have cleared it already non HM on PTS and at the moment focusing on trying to complete the trial with an additional boss. Come live this Monday our focus will be on the initial clear and then HM progress.

Look forward to hearing from you! If you are interested please message me on the forums so we can talk further. If you do not have a forum account to reply, then please message me in game at @Jonny94ESO and please state first that you are referring to the raiding guild as I also run a trading guild and receive a lot of mails for requests to join so as not to confuse me xD.

We will more than likely give you a trial run should we come to the conclusion you are a suitable fit for us. The trial run will consist more on your ability, attitude and personality for raiding with us as a whole!

All the best! Apologies for the essay :3

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